US strong, rest of the world riding the bear says LJM Developments CEO

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Liaquat Mian tells of financial strength in North America in a new blog entry.

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LJM Developments

Market fundamentals show the path for investors lay in the North American market through 2015, in stocks and real estate.

The United States “currency, stock market and real estate markets are showing clear signs of progress” states Liaquat Mian of LJM Developments in his recent blog entry. The global market as a whole is still a precarious place to be, but on the whole, the North American region is stable and on track to become a bull market by June of next year (Stockwatch by Edmond Jackson, Aug 29 2014).

The US is seeing signs consistent with a recovery, posits Mian, if you look at all three major financial and economic indicators; currency, real estate and the stock markets. The US dollar has rebounded globally (Finances Forex Analysis by H.S. Borji, Aug 28, 2014) showing strong growth against many major currencies including the Euro, Yen and the Pound. The stock market has experienced fluctuations and will continue to do so, Mian believes until after the Dow Jones breaks through the 18,000 mark. Even though the housing and real estate sectors looked slow to respond in 2014, part of the delayed reaction is due to the slow start to job growth explains Mian, but underlying pressures of built up demand (National Association of Realtors | Walter Molony, May 15 2014) and lower inventory will gradually show through in 2015. On the whole, Canada and the US should expect a healthy period of growth through 2015 according to Mian.

However, the rest of the world is still on unstable ground. “It is obvious to many that the unrest in places like the Middle East, the Ebola crisis in Africa, and the changing leadership in South American countries is driving uncertainty in emerging markets,” says Liaquat.

Even in areas like Dubai, a metropolis that has a healthy investment environment, investors are looking for safer markets to invest into explains Mian - with a projected $175 billion USD available for investment and almost one-third slated for the North American real estate market. Part of this is because the underlying fundamentals of the Dubai market are expected to cause a recession and downturn by 2016, postulates Mian.

In currency and interest rate markets, Mian projects the US dollar to remain strong, the Euro to drop below $1.30 USD, Canadian and Australian dollars to remain stable where they are, and the Sterling to rise to $1.60 USD, making a small gain. In most western markets, Mian projects interest rates to continue to remain where they are through 2020, in order to assure the recovery.

Mian believes that market fundamentals show the path for investors lay in the North American market through 2015, in stocks and real estate.

About Liaquat Mian

Mr. Mian is the CEO of LJM Developments, a real-estate development company based in Burlington, Canada. Mr. Mian is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a member of the Fellowship of Chartered Accountants. He is a frequent blogger and gives talks on state of Global economy, real-estate markets, and currencies. Mr. Mian brings 20 years of experience in financial services and real-estate investment.


The opinions stated in this article are those solely of Mr. Liaquat Mian, and do not represent financial or investment advice, and may not represent L JM developments. Individuals must seek independent qualified financial advice from a licensed financial services provider before making any investments. Opinions, predictions, and forward looking statements in this article should not be used for making financial decisions or investments. Investors must be aware of the risks involved in making investments and must seek professional advice.

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