REMIND-A-CAP™ , A New York City Based Company Invents Groundbreaking Prescription Cap to Curb Non-Adherence

REMIND-A-CAP™ will help the 50% of Americans who do not follow their physician's orders when taking prescription medicine while reducing some of the $290 billion spent each year in avoidable medical expenses attributed to non-adherence

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Our goal is clear: to promote higher prescription compliance in pursuit of better health outcomes on a large scale

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 02, 2014

A New York City based company is focused on addressing the non-adherence epidemic with a simple, yet revolutionary, product that will have far-reaching, positive effects including increasing life span and reducing health care costs for Americans.

REMIND-A-CAP™ is a patented, groundbreaking prescription pill bottle cap that puts control in the user's hands. It's a simple device that allows an individual to easily set the next date of intake by simply turning a knob. No batteries. No programming. No learning curve. It's a prescription cap that promotes better health outcomes by simplifying and regulating the patient's scheduled medication intake.

Nick Ramoundos, the founder of REMIND-A-CAP™ and cancer survivor, used the device he invented when undergoing treatment to stay on track with the many drugs that he needed. Ramoundos is a firm believer that REMIND-A-CAP™ has the ability to save lives.

“When I was going through treatment, my mornings usually included the dreaded ‘Did I take my pill?' moment,” explained Ramoundos, who is also an engineer. “With everything that a person goes through while undergoing treatment, I didn’t want my life, or anyone else’s, to be at risk over something so controllable.”

Experts believe that as many as 80% of adults do not follow their doctor’s instructions when prescribed medicine. Ramoundos and a team of professionals put the prescription medicine cap through market research and found an increase in patients who properly take their medication when using REMIND-A-CAP™.

“Our goal is clear: to promote higher prescription compliance in pursuit of better health outcomes on a large scale,” added Ramoundos.

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REMIND-A-CAP™ tackles the billion-dollar adherence epidemic for pharmaceutical brands, retail and specialty pharmacies and healthcare providers with an economic, user-friendly device. A patented solution, REMIND-A-CAP™ offers each patient the ability to take control of his/her own medication regimen. For more information, visit


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