Olympic Wire & Equipment Touts the Benefits of Pre-compression Lids on IPS Two Ram Balers for Baling at Recycling Centers

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Olympic Wire & Equipment offers tips on the four critical items to compare when purchasing a Two Ram Baler.

The Pre-Compression Lid translates to “Optimum Performance”

At Olympic Wire & Equipment there are four critical items to compare when purchasing a Two Ram Baler:

PRODUCTION: When it comes to production rate and thru-put rate, no other baler comes close to the IPS Two Ram with its exclusive Pre-Compression LidTM. The Lid translates to “Optimum Performance”. IPS defines optimum performance as a baler that produces the ultimate production rates over extended periods of time, while maximizing bale density to minimize transportation cost, and minimizing maintenance or down time. In other words; A baler that starts each morning and runs all day, everyday, while providing maximum bale weights and production rates over a long period of time. The Lid virtually eliminates jamming at the shear blade, which with a standard two ram baler, causes shut downs and forces employees to step inside the bale chamber to manually clear out the jam exposing the individual and the company to safety liability. The IPS Two Ram Baler provides the maximum average profits per dollar spent. Optimum performance will always win out over a shear baler because optimum performance translates into sustainability for uninterrupted processing.

QUALITY: IPS technology provides a reinforced bale chamber section, designed to withstand the rigors of non-ferrous metal and paper fiber product processing. There is more steel in an IPS Baler; the TR model weighs 55 tons while the BT model weighs 75 tons. Other manufacturer’s balers weigh substantially less. The IPS pumps are designed with flooded suction lines outside of the tank mounted low in relationship to the oil reservoir which virtually eliminate cavitation, leakage problems and contamination. With the IPS Pre- Compression LidTM, there is much less fatigue on baler frame, ram, cylinder, seals etc... because of the non-shear design. The baler runs quietly, and our customers are experiencing 23,000 to 24,000 hours on their liners versus 5,000 to 7,000 hours on a standard shear baler of other manufacturers. The cost to re-line a baler is approximately $65,000 with a costly 3 to 4 days of downtime to restore. For other manufactures to come close to the production numbers of an IPS, they must run their main ram back and forth at an extremely high rate of speed and at HIGH PSI which decreases the life of the baler significantly. The IPS Baler is proven to make high bale weights, and high thru puts while on cruise control with the Lid technology. The IPS Two Ram is constructed with a four (4) sided and serrated shear blade that is reversible and replaceable. The baler frame walls are all advanced engineered reinforced honeycomb structure. The floor is Abrasion-Resistant tongue grooved replaceable liners.

AFFORDABILITY: While competitors offer options such as bale door/bale relief, phone modem/ internet and Wye-Delta motors at an additional cost, at IPS these important features are standard and included at no additional cost. IPS also equips the power unit with a dedicated 5HP, 12 GPM pump for the wire tier along with a 15HP, 90 GPM circulation pump dedicated to the air to oil cooler. These two features greatly reduce maintenance on the wire tier and significantly reduce the oil operating temperature. All E-stops and electronics on the IPS baler are 24 volt for added safety to your employees.To filter the hydraulic oil, IPS has designed the highest standard; a 5 micron filtration system. This will reduces oil contamination which destroys seals, cylinders, pumps and valves. The filtration system will increase the life span of the hydraulic composites which keeps the oil cleaner to reduce maintenance shutdowns allowing the baler to operate longer between oil changes.

INNOVATION: Designed by a team of engineers with over 150 years of combined engineering experience in the field and building balers, IPS has surpassed the competition. The proof can be found in the now popular exclusive Pre-Compression LidTM. Customers are reporting a dramatic increase in production and dramatic decrease in maintenance cost for liners and all wear items. In addition, the exclusive design of the IPS hydraulic power unit system pumps more oil than other two rams during the baling cycle time which deliveries unmatched thru-put. The Pre-Compression Lid presses down material in the baler chamber allowing more volume per stroke, less wear and tear on hydraulic system and liners because it takes fewer strokes to make a bale. Less strokes to make a bale, equals cost savings (electrical / structural) and efficiency.

The IPS Bale TieTM is a two ram baler that has the highest production in the industry with super heavy duty construction. The Baler with “lid” weighs 53 tons, substantially heavier than other Two Ram manufacturers; it’s massive. The patented IPS Two Ram Bale-Tie (BT Baler) is a true multi material baler in its own league. This baler bales simultaneously while it ties and pushes the finished bale out which increases thru-put rates for all grades of fiber, non-ferrous and all grades of plastic. Baling and tying off the bale is continuous, putting an end to the standard stop and start routine for bales to tie off. No other baler can match the level IPS has accomplished for thru-put and density. The higher density is achieved by 100% Main Ram penetration which equals Maximum bale density and Maximum bale weight. The ultimate in Multi-Material Balers.

The installation, set up, training as well as future service has and will be provided by Olympic Wire and Equipment, Inc., with locations in the Northern and Southern California. For more information, please contact Olympic Wire & Equipment by calling (949) 646-9731.

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