Aeros' Airship Assembly Complete

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Giant Born in SoCal Hangar As Airship Filled With Helium

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Southern California residents will soon be gazing skyward as a captivating aviation giant soon takes the skies.  Inflation is now complete on a new airship, or blimp, that will be taking to the local skies after first taking shape over the weekend at a Southern California hangar in Orange County. The 40D ‘Sky Dragon’ airship S/N A40D-22 vehicle’s envelope is now filled with more than 100,000 cubic feet of Helium, helping ready the 150 foot plus vehicle for test flights in Tustin prior to its international service deployment.

The 40D airship is a product of Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros), a leading FAA-certified lighter-than-air (LTA) manufacturer and technology innovator now pioneering the creation of a cargo airship fleet. The airship will be soon be delivered overseas for multi-role operations beginning this fall. 

About: The ‘40D Sky Dragon’ airship supports numerous airborne ISR missions (intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance), providing a quiet and stable aerial platform with long endurance and slow-loiter capabilities often exploited for event broadcasts.  The flexible 40D ‘Sky Dragon’ features: 

  •     stronger and lighter envelope fabrics that improve helium impermeability
  •     a fly-by-wire flight control system providing exceptional maneuverability and control  
  •     reduced requirements for ground handling personnel

As a sensor platform, the airship maintains extended time on station and low operational costs supporting a variety of surveillance missions from anti-terrorism to smuggling interdiction.  The vehicle’s 24-hour imaging capability, loiter duration, and 360 degree field of view, HD downlink and remote camera operation capabilities together support mission success and efficiency, as well as flexibility to cover more ground with less manpower requirements.  The system will speed detection and identification abilities, facilitate documentation, and support response command and control for a variety of missions. 

Prospective clients interested in more information on Aeros’ airship and aerostat products should contact Mr. Mario Pantuso at (323) 201-8377 or mario(dot)pantuso(at)aeroscraft(dot)com, or Christina Eaves at (323) 201-8371 or Christina(dot)eaves(at)aeroscraft(dot)com

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About the Aeroscraft: An Aeroscraft is a new type of Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle, designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations, including the ability to off-load heavy payloads without the need to re-ballast. For the first time in history, an aircraft has been designed to control and adjust buoyant and dynamic lift, creating a new paradigm for global air transportation and logistics. Poised to enhance the air transportation industry, the Aeroscraft will deliver opportunities for business and consumers globally through access to remote locations and by new VTOL cargo delivery capabilities. The key features of the Aeroscraft include a rigid structure, vertical takeoff and landing, and operational abilities at low speed, in hover, and from unprepared surfaces.

About Aeros: Founded 27 years ago in the U.S., the Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) has grown from a small aerostat production manufacturer to a leading FAA-certified airship producer and R&D firm for the aerospace industry. Aeros has achieved multiple FAA airship type certificates and operates with an FAA Production Certificate, while featuring a product line that includes advanced airships and tethered aerostats utilized in commercial and government applications throughout the world. Learn more at

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