Liquidity Sets New Water Filtration Standards with Revolutionary Membrane Technology

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Silicon Valley firm announces partnership with GOBIE h2o; new technology enables clean drinking water to potentially reach billions.

"Liquidity and GOBIE are coming together with a mission to change the face of portable water purification." Ari Hoffman, COO GOBIE

At the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Liquidity Nanotech Corporation from Alameda, California, announced that it has established new performance levels for polymeric membrane filtration, enabling the achievement of new global standards for drinking water.

With innovations developed from scientific research at Stony Brook University, Liquidity’s membrane technologies deliver high reduction of bacteria, viruses, and cysts at flow rates not possible in the past. These performance improvements enable a new generation of inexpensive products to remove microbes at the highest global standards without the need for chemicals, electricity, or pressure.

According to company co-founder Victor W. Hwang, “Imagine taking water from a dirty river, and quickly creating clean, safe, trusted drinking water that does not require undesirable chlorine or iodine, tiresome pumping, electricity to drive UV lights, or hanging bags from a tall tree. Our membrane is performing at the toughest standards, yet it works anywhere for mere pennies a day.”

The Liquidity technology is capable of removing microbes at 6 log for bacteria (99.9999%), 5 log for virus (99.999%) and 6 log for cysts (99.9999%). This meets or exceeds U.S. EPA microbial reduction requirements. Liquidity’s 0.2 micron bacteria retentive nanofiber membrane physically blocks bacteria and cysts from passing through, while allowing high flow rates. Compared to other commercially available bacteria retentive size exclusion membranes, Liquidity’s membrane has up to 16x the flow rate. In lab testing, Liquidity’s 0.2 micron membrane flowed at ~12 ml/min/cm2/psi, while a standard nylon 0.2 micron flowed at 0.7 ml/min/cm2/psi*. Liquidity’s proprietary virus reduction technology adds a further filtration step and removes viruses after the water has passed the bacteria membrane. This means that for the first time, water can be easily and inexpensively purified to the highest microbial reduction requirements anywhere.

Liquidity also announced that it is partnering with GOBIE h2o, a San Diego provider of filtered reusable water bottles, to launch a Liquidity-powered purification bottle in 2015 that will eliminate the need for single-use disposable bottles.

According to Ari Hoffman, COO of GOBIE, “Liquidity and GOBIE are coming together with a mission to change the face of portable water purification. Teaming up with Liquidity allows GOBIE the ability to break all barriers and provide water purification at home, on the go, backpacking and camping, traveling to third world countries, or even in disaster relief scenarios, leaving the consumer hydrated and safe at all times. Both companies are inspired by the vision of eliminating wasteful single-use, disposable plastic water bottles. Nimble, streamlined, and thirsty, the GOBIE-Liquidity venture has the potential to grow geometrically in the coming months while effecting lasting change in the market.”

GOBIE's patented FlexFlo® technology complements Liquidity’s patented high flux bacteria retentive nanofiber membrane technology. The FlexFlo® allows the user to gently squeeze water from a hard-shelled body, while the Liquidity purification cartridge instantly purifies microbiologically contaminated water as it passes from the bottle through the cartridge to the mouth – no pumps, no back-flushing, no chemicals, no sucking through a straw. The elimination of a straw, combined with the hard shell body, allows maximum output through the purification cartridge, creating the most user-friendly drinking experience on the market.

Continues Hoffman, “The Liquidity purification cartridge sets a new standard in portable purification, just as the FlexFlo® technology will be the metric for which all reusable water bottles will be measured. Creating change is at the forefront of the GOBIE-Liquidity partnership. Both companies believe creating disruptive products will change consumer habits and positively impact global health.”

Both companies have committed to use their success to generate even more impact in the world. They have committed to contribute a portion of their growth to researching, designing, and donating water treatment products to those most in need.

For more information, please contact Liquidity’s Commercial Director, Elliott Gansner at egansner(at)liquico(dot)com or 415-279-5327 or GOBIE’s COO Ari Hoffman at ari(at)gobieh2o(dot)com.

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