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Author Saskia John views her experiences of spending two lengthy periods in a completely darkened room as a mirror that reflected her own soul. For two periods of twelve and twenty-four days, Saskia John confronted her inner self in the context of “dark therapy."

“If experiences that caused fear during childhood are not allowed to come up in the adult, they work on an unconscious level. As an adult we might not even be aware of it, but they cause the repetition of the same situation over and over again.” S. John

In her book, In the Depth of My Soul: Experiences in Complete Darkness, the author Saskia John documents her thoughts, emotions, body sensations, memories and experiences during these dark periods free of all outer distractions. (Only once each day would John speak with her facilitator, Holger Kalweit.)

John analyzes her experiences with the help of the personality growth model of Gabriele Fröhlich. This model is presented in the first chapter of John´s book. The step-by-step diving into the inner facets of one´s being can inspire the reader to resonate with the author’s experiences.

The goal of the process, says John, is to open and penetrate one´s inner stuctures and to overcome unconscious or habitual traits. According to John, her book provides a model for dealing with the traumas of childhood and living a freer life as an adult.

The key to resolving unconcious patterns, says John, is to allow surpressed thougths, emotions and images of past experiences to emerge. Only when these memories can become conscious and tangible can one integrate them in a sustainable way into his or her personality. If threatening experiences are suppressed in childhood they stay alive in a hidden form and continue to shape adult life, leading to the repetition again and again of the same patterns and situations.

For this reason, the author invites the reader on a healing journey into his or her deeper soul levels. Her book provides a bold and meticulously-recorded analysis of John’s experiences.

In the Depth of my Soul: Experiences in Complete Darkness is a far-reaching and honest invitation for the reader to do his or her own pyschological work. It provides an important navigation through the inner world of the outer personality. Reading about John´s experiences can help people become aware of hidden interdependencies in their own lives.

The book describes how past experiences that are shaping one´s acting in daily life can be revealed piece by piece. This process can help create a space for transformation and for a lasting release of old patterns.

In contrast to many other models that aim to clear one´s personality, the model of Gabriele Fröhlich that is applied by John integrates both an energetic and a spiritual dimension .

Saskia John´s book is an invitation to discover the depth of one´s being. It leads to the insight that knowing one’s inner condition makes one treat others and oneself much more lovingly.

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About the author
Saskia John was raised in the former DDR, the eastern part of Germany. When she completely cured her daughter’s dermatitis by hypnosis, she broke through her inner walls for the first time, leading her to leave her career as a veterinarian to become a naturopath.

She learned about the inner universe of her soul through meditation, Tai Chi, and her immersion in total darkness. Saskia John founded a practice in 1994 and started to apply healing techniques such as acupuncture, neuraltherapy and therapeutic fasting. These techniques are intended to integrate and to harmonize body, spirit and soul. In order to achieve healing results on all levels, Saskia John works with other techniques including Inner Child, Hypnosis and Family Positioning.

Saskia John
In the Depth of my Soul:
Experiences in Complete Darkness

468 Pages

ISBN: 978-3-95529-301-7
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