Unlimited Electricity's Newest Power Generator Will Fit Inside a Duffel Bag

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Energy innovation company Unlimited Electricity has developed a generator capable of powering a suburban home without the use of fossil fuels, wind, solar, or thermal energy. The patent-pending device is unlike conventional power generators because it runs on self-generated magnetic energy.

Infinity Power Generator

We want to ensure that no school or hospital in the world has to turn people away due to a lack of electricity.

Unlimited Electricity's Infinity Power Generator consists of an array of magnets configured to spin inside an enclosed cylinder. It produces no greenhouse gasses, has few touching parts, and won't require expensive building modifications. Depending on a home's power needs, an Infinity Power Generator could fit in a space smaller than a set of golf clubs.

Unlimited Electricity is currently developing a prototype of the Infinity Power Generator at the Integrated Magnetics production facility in Culver City, California. Initial projections are promising, indicating that this generator could possibly run non-stop for years at a time. With magnets depreciating 1% per 10 years, these generators are expected to outlast their solar and wind powered competitors by more than a decade.

Joseph Hill, Unlimited Electricity's founder and CEO, is excited about the possibilities of independent power generation, saying, "The options for this technology are limitless. Every home in America can now produce more power than it needs. By decentralizing the electrical grid it will be safer from outside attack and more reliable than it has ever been in history."

Hill's plans for the Infinity Power Generator don't end there, however. The small-yet-efficient design means that these generators can provide power to remote locations like scientific research stations, as well as improving the infrastructure of third world countries. "No school or hospital in the world should turn people away due to a lack of electricity. Unlimited Electricity's motto is, 'Power to Change the World.'"

Unlimited Electricity is accepting preorders through their website: unlimitedelectricity.com where there are a variety of packages available for virtually any size home or business. Down payments are 10% of the total purchase cost, with a 25% discount for early adopters.

As with alternative energy sources like solar and wind power, Infinity Power Generators will tie into the existing electrical grid allowing the meter to "spin backwards" when a generator produces more electricity than the home uses, a practice referred to as "net metering." In these cases the local utility purchases back the excess electricity, meaning that the generator is not only saving electricity costs, but is literally producing income for the owner. This combined with local, state, and federal incentives for alternative energy mean that an Infinity Power Generator could possibly pay for itself in less than five years.

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