Driving the Mystery Shop Experience: Jancyn Assists Shoppers with Route Shopping

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Jancyn shoppers can maximize time, gas, schedule and sanity with ideas to improve productivity via engaging in route shopping.

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One tip for shoppers is to regularly check the Jancyn Facebook page for assignment posts. These are updated regularly and the page also includes other critical mystery shopping information for our shoppers.

Jancyn Evaluation Shops, based in San Jose, California, has announced an initiative to help shoppers who opt to engage in route shopping. What is route shopping? Mystery Shopper Magazine, in their eBook Guide To Route Shopping For Mystery Shoppers, has defined route shopping as completing a series of pre-planned shops over the course of a day or a series of days. They further distinguish route shopping as mystery shopping excursions that have a duration of a single day, two to four days, or a full week or more. To obtain a free copy of this guide go to http://www.mysteryshoppermagazine.com/route-shopping/.

Jancyn’s team of independent Project Managers are trained to work closely with shoppers in an effort to maximize the use of a shopper’s time via route shopping. Because Project Managers handle both the scheduling of assignments, as well as the review and editing of their reports, they are in close communication with shoppers from the beginning until the end of each assignment. In doing so, many have developed a professional relationship with shoppers and one in which they aid in working with shoppers as they craft their routes.

Jancyn’s Project Manager and Social Media Consultant Sue De La Bruere says, “One tip for shoppers is to regularly check the Jancyn Facebook page for assignment posts. These are updated regularly and the page also includes other critical mystery shopping information for our shoppers. You can also tweet us at @JancynShops and we will respond, either publicly or privately. It is always a pleasure to see so many positive comments from Jancyn shoppers!”

Jacob Jans of Mystery Shopper Magazine, issue 72, gives Jancyn a top 10 mystery shop company rating.     Said Jacob “I believe Jancyn is one of those companies that should be on every shopper’s list. Shoppers generally feel that Jancyn’s reports are appropriate for the work involved. I know that the research for this review will lead me to keep Jancyn in mind when I’m planning routes in the future.”

Businesses large and small discovered many decades ago that utilization of a mystery shopping company to provide essential insight into their brand values is a reliable method to increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and develop better business practices. This feedback data is an integral component of the overall corporate plan of our mystery shop clients.

Now, shoppers are also realizing that mystery shopping can be a vital part of their personal and household budgetary plan. The income that is earned via mystery shopping is in some cases just added income designed for occasional luxuries, but in many cases it is a steady stream of money devoted to simply sustaining a household.

For households that depend on mystery shopping payments for day-to-day living expenses, route shopping is a means to make this income both more substantial and more predictable.    Route shopping is a way to maximize income while at the same time making the most of their time away from home. Adding a breakfast or lunch shop along the way to visit an apartment community or two is a perfect example.

Jancyn works equally closely with their clients to create a partnership to benefit their bottom line. According to Jancyn client Gain Hamburger, Vice President of Marketing for Real Estate Equities Management, “Jancyn has been an asset to our company in many ways. The biggest impact they have had has been through targeting our training needs. After enlisting the services of Jancyn we were able to clearly identify recurring issues and take action to correct them. Without Jancyn we might not have discovered the missing holes in our training still to this day. On top of that, Jancyn is extremely flexible and easy to work with. We worked together to establish a customized shop report for our company that aligns perfectly with our internal training and they continuously go above and beyond to make our partnership both easy and enjoyable.”

To sign up as a Jancyn shopper go to http://www.jancyn.com

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