All Five Books in the "Sugarland" Children's Series are Now Available

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Author Harold Krakower transports young readers into a magical world of make-believe with his imaginative stories first created for his own grandchildren.

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She visits her magical friends in Sugarland and they help her through this difficult time, because things always go better when you’re with your friends!

In "Sugarland", the first book of the "Sugarland" series, a little girl named Sarah lives with her parents and her baby brother.

One night Sarah awakens to find a beautiful butterfly at the bottom of her bed. The butterfly’s name is Alice and it is huge! The butterfly lets Sarah fly on her back to Sugarland, where Sarah meets up with Arnold the Bear and is invited to a birthday party.

At the party, Sarah greets all of Arnold’s animal friends and has a wonderful time. In the magical world of Sugarland, Sarah learns all about Chocolate Lake and Chocolate Chip Road. She sees magnificent candy cane fields and lollypops galore. In fact, everything looks good enough … to eat!

Once again, Sarah is awakened in the middle of the night by the giant butterfly Alice, who flies Sarah back to Sugarland to help her friends.

Uh-oh. What could the trouble be? In the second volume of the "Sugarland" children’s book series, there’s definitely "Trouble in Sugarland"!

It seems Chocolate Lake has all dried up and there is no chocolate flowing over the falls. Arnold the Bear urges Alice the Butterfly to get help.

Will Sarah be able to solve the chocolate riddle and get Chocolate Lake flowing again?

The third book of the enchanting series is "Sugarland: Princess Sarafina".

A very spoiled princess named Princess Caroline lives in the palace with her father the king. Princess Sarafina is the king’s niece. She lives with her mother in a small house in the forest. The whole kingdom is throwing Princess Caroline a huge fifth birthday celebration, and everyone is going to be there.

Princess Sarafina and her mother are invited to the party, but Princess Sarafina’s mother doesn’t want to go because they don’t have the proper clothes to wear or a good enough gift to bring. After making a magical wish, Sarafina is able to go to the party after all, and she learns some important lessons along the way.

In book four, "Sugarland: Josh and His Magic Bed", Josh is Sarah’s younger brother. Their parents take them shopping one Saturday morning to get a new bed for Josh, who is now ready for a big boy’s bed!

Josh and Sarah find an amazing bed in the basement of an old furniture store and decide it’s the bed that they want.

What Josh doesn’t know is that this bed is magical. His nightly adventures soon begin, taking him off on journeys, including a trip to Sugarland, where Sarah has been many times. He meets all her friends and has a grand time. Best of all, Josh now loves to go to bed!

The fifth book in the magical series is "Sugarland: Sarah’s Dance Recital". Sarah has just finished her dance class and is getting ready for the big dance recital. She is very excited and can hardly wait. But Sarah suffers a bad fall and hurts herself. She gets the terrible news that she will not be able to dance in the recital.

She visits her magical friends in Sugarland and they help her through this difficult time, because things always go better when you’re with your friends! And Sarah learns that disappointments can be overcome.
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About the Author:
Harold Krakower, who has always had a great love for children, began his story-telling career when his granddaughter, Jamie, was young. His imaginative stories would transport his granddaughter into the world of make-believe as they sat at the dinner table. For her third birthday, the author printed out some of her favorite stories and "Sugarland" and the "Sugarland Stories" series was born. He compares the satisfaction of finally seeing his work in print as second only to meeting his lovely wife, and the birth of his two sons and grandchildren. He lives in Thornhill, Ontario, with his wife, Molly.

Book Details
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Author: Harold Krakower
Format: Paperback
Pub date: September 2014

"SUGARLAND" (ISBN: 978-1-93492-512-6) is now available for $12.50.
"SUGARLAND: TROUBLE IN SUGARLAND" (ISBN: 978-1-44901-880-1) is now available for $12.50.
"SUGARLAND: PRINCESS SARAFINA" (ISBN: 978-1-46340-123-8) is now available for $12.50.
"SUGARLAND: JOSH AND HIS MAGIC BED" (ISBN: 978-1-45672-957-8) is now available for $12.50.
"SUGARLAND: SARAH'S DANCE RECITAL" (ISBN: 978-47726-093-7) is now available for $12.50.

All can be ordered through the publisher’s website or at:, Amazon, or the website of Barnes and Noble.

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