TenantScreeningUSA.com Strongly Urges both Tenants and Landlords be Aware of Eviction Laws to Avoid Unnecessary Cost

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Increased evictions across the country have forced thousands of people to uproot lives and relocate. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of TenantScreeningUSA.com states: “In a time of increased evictions, landlords and tenants alike must be aware of eviction laws, specific to actions that can be held against either party.”

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In some areas, such as San Francisco and Milwaukee, evictions have grown to an all-time high. Tenants should investigate their rights just as landlords should understand theirs.

One of the lingering legacies of the recent Great Recession lay in housing. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families were forced from home ownership into a life of tenancy. While tenancy for many is choice, for others this was not an alternative made by their own doing.

From the Indypendent opinion page authored by the Executive Director of the Right to the City Alliance. (Aug. 13, 14)
“The foreclosure crisis has driven millions of former homeowners into the rental market. And recent reports of a housing market rebound are misleading: Nationally, economic and social costs for most renter households are increasing and are expected to worsen in coming years.” (1)

As the rental population increases, evictions proliferate as well.

Adam Almeida, President and CEO of TenantScreeningUSA.com states: “Evictions continue to rise and have become an increasingly complicated matter, both for the tenant and landlord. In some areas, such as San Francisco and Milwaukee, evictions have grown to an all-time high. Tenants should investigate their rights just as landlords should understand theirs.”

Evictions remain a challenge to both the renter and the landlord.

For a landlord there is the potential of significant cost. First and foremost is the loss of rental income combined with the legal cost of eviction. Then there is the potential cost of hiring a bailiff to remove the renter at a significant cost. (2)

For a tenant evictions can create complete chaos and massive change to daily lives and routine.

From the New York Times (Aug. 29, 14)

“The result is a surge in eviction cases that has abruptly disrupted lives, leaving families to search for not just new housing that fits their budgets but new schools, new bus routes and sometimes new jobs.” (3)

Landlords can, potentially, avoid eviction through a methodical vetting process. Generally the tenant screening process includes:

1.    A written application
2.    A face-to-face interview/review of information/tour
3.    Tenant background check

Generally a tenant check gathers information landlords and property managers require to make a competent decision about potential tenants. Tenant screening is not a step one might short step or overlook.

From http://www.Nasdaq.com: (Sep. 06, 14)

“I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but you should not be shocked to hear that MANY landlords and management companies fail to do proper background checks, and are easily talked into renting to the wrong people when they do a background check.” (4)

Further, it should be noted that evictions are not exploding in every part of the country, but they are on the rise.

From the New York Times: (Aug. 29, 14)

“Landlord-tenant laws and housing market conditions vary widely, and evictions are not surging everywhere. And a court filing does not necessarily result in eviction; some cases are resolved through payment plans or other agreements. But from 2010 to 2013, Maine experienced a 21 percent increase in eviction filings, Massachusetts 11 percent and Kentucky 8 percent.” (5)

Tenants and landlords should both be aware of legal rights in regards to evictions and tenant screening. Tenants should check with local housing agencies for rules governing evictions. And landlords should work with a third-party tenant screening company in order to stay compliant both with tenant screening laws as well as regulations governing evictions.

Almeida closes in stating: “In the end not knowing the laws governing evictions could ultimately lead tenants to painful resolutions to their rental relationship. And landlords should work with third-party tenant screening companies to reduce the risk and potential cost of evictions, as well as remaining compliant within tenant screening laws.”

TenantScreeningUSA.com is a third-party background screening company that offers thorough, affordable, and secure tenant checks for property managers large and small. TenantScreeningUSA.com is fully compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations that enforce the tenant screening industry. They are also a proud member of NAPBS.

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