DeskAlerts Upgrade Service With Emergency Notifications Designed For Use In Hospitals

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DeskAlerts engineers have rolled out a series of color coded emergency notifications which can be used to alert staff to a range of scenarios.

The internal communications provider DeskAlerts is helping hospitals keep employees in the loop with an innovative upgrade to its notifications system. After careful analysis of what hospitals need and how they operate, DeskAlerts engineers have rolled out a series of color coded emergency notifications which can be used to alert staff to a range of scenarios. Quick, simple and straightforward, the new codes allow account managers to convey essential information at the touch of a button.

Anton Vdovin, Project Manager at DeskAlerts, said, “Our company is all about making the workplace as efficient and productive as possible. We recognize that certain sectors have certain needs which is why we’ve developed an intelligent new emergency coding system specially designed for use in hospitals. With our practical color coded notification settings, recipients are able to instantly gauge the urgency of a message and prioritize their tasks accordingly.”

The latest version is integrated with the ability to mark one click instant send alerts with emergency codes. Senders can choose from a four color palette of red, yellow, blue and green.

In a hospital environment, efficient prioritisation can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. The new DeskAlerts emergency notification codes are specially designed to alert staff to various different scales of emergency and help them to prioritise accordingly. From doctors and nurses to clinical staff and administrative employees, DeskAlerts offers enhanced communication for every member of a healthcare workforce.

According to the American Hospital Association, there are an estimated 5,754 registered hospitals currently operating in the USA. Within these establishments are 942,000 beds serviced by over 800,000 physicians and over 3.5 million registered and licensed practical nurses. This is a huge number of staff to keep track off and with most hospitals operating as multi-level buildings, it can be extremely difficult to keep up efficient communication lines. The DeskAlerts emergency codes offer an intelligent solution to the problem designed to enhance communication, minimize misunderstandings, increase productivity and improve the overall standard of patient care.

One of the most valuable benefits of using DeskAlerts in a hospital environment is the ability for one account manager to simultaneously communicate with an entire workforce. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a head doctor, nurse or hospital manager can relay critical information in a way that is discreet and unobtrusive to hospital operations.

Furthermore, the use of color coded emergency notifications offers staff instant insight into the status of the impending message. Should a red alert notification pop up on screen, staff will instantly know that the message requires immediate attention. If a member of staff is dealing with an urgent situation and sees a green alert arrive, they can continue with the task at hand knowing that the notification can be dealt with at a more convenient time. As DeskAlerts notifications cannot be ignored, set aside or deleted, senders are given the complete peace of mind that all color coded messages will be read.

The new color coded emergency notification feature is not only incredibly efficient but is also extremely easy to use. When sending a one click instant alert, account managers simply choose to tag the message with the emergency color code of their choice. It’s fast, efficient and inherently useful.

Vdovin explains, “Our developers are at the top of their game and are always looking at ways to enhance and improve our desk alerts service. While we focus on increasing workplace productivity, this goes hand in hand with ensuring that our service is quick and easy to use. The new color coded notifications do just this and allow managers to embed messages with visual priority indicators in just seconds.”

Thanks to the systems internal hosting and centralized data storage, hospital managers enjoy enhanced control and protection over the entire system. When combined with the system’s existing ability to schedule and target messages to certain recipient groups, the color coded emergency notifications make DeskAlerts the undisputed leader in cutting edge internal hospital communications technology.

DeskAlerts’ internal communications software is already used by an impressive client base of hospitals and healthcare centers across the globe, from MedAmerica to NHS.

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About DeskAlerts: DeskAlerts is the alert solution that works in technologically and geographically diverse networks. It is a completely web-based solution that can be used to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within your organization, improving communications and productivity with a more efficient communication strategy than traditional email alone. View the DeskAlerts video to find out more.

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