Bloomsbury Films Explains the Pros and Cons of Wedding Venue Choices

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These days there is a wealth of wedding venues for couples to choose from – Bloomsbury Films reveals the advantages and disadvantages of the main options.

Bloomsbury Films

The right wedding venue is crucial to the success of The Big Day

Leading event videographer Bloomsbury Films have helped couples immortalise their Special Day in a spectrum of settings throughout the UK and abroad. To help couples narrow down the hunt for magical wedding venues, Bloomsbury offers their extensive experience by explaining the pros and cons of the most popular location options for tying the knot.

Church Hall

Advantages: while a very traditional choice, holding a wedding reception in the church hall has remained popular primarily because of the convenience – couples can do away with transport costs and also pricey wedding venue fees. This is a great way forward for a small intimate wedding advises Bloomsbury Films.

Disadvantages: the couple will have to arrange all the décor, and there may be restrictions such as a ban on alcohol or certain decorations, as well as on parking. Additionally, the kitchen facilities are often very small, which could cause a problem for the catering staff.


Advantages: couples will be guaranteed of experienced staff and catering, plus there is the convenience of key guests being able to stay overnight rather than having to drive home. Depending on how much research is done, there are hotels to suit every preference, from quaint and intimate to modern and glamorous.

Disadvantages: Bloomsbury warns of double booking occurring with some hotels, which can spoil the intimacy of a wedding reception. With many hotels there is also a high price tag, so it’s important to keep an eye on the overall budget.

Banquet Hall

Advantages: this is an excellent option for couples who are keen on experienced staff and a broad range of package options, including free rein on décor.

Disadvantages: as with large hotels, Bloomsbury point out the risk of event double bookings, which will also result in time constraints.

Private Home

Advantages: if a couple is lucky enough to have friends or family who own a lovely spacious home, it would be an ideal choice. Convenience is also a great perk advises Bloomsbury, since both the ceremony and reception can be held in one place.

Disadvantages: Bloomsbury suggests a wedding planner if a couple choose this type of venue, since it can be daunting arranging everything themselves. Other issues which can rule out a private venue are lack of parking, difficult neighbours and the clean-up afterwards.

Outdoors (Beach, Park etc.)

Advantages: beautiful, soothing views are the top motivator for an outdoor wedding celebration.

Disadvantages: the main problem with outdoor locations is of course running the risk of the weather playing up. It would be rather disastrous if it end up being uncomfortably hot or (heaven forbid) it starts to rain. For this reason Bloomsbury strongly advises couples to have a marquee tent on hand so that the celebration can go on no matter what.

Director of Bloomsbury Films, Andrew Cussens, concluded: “The right wedding venue is crucial to the success of The Big Day. Most people make their choice based on the fairy tale wedding they have always envisioned, but while personal taste is key, even the loveliest idea can lead to problems if the practicalities are not thought out properly. Our vast experience as wedding videographers has taught us that in order to narrow down the hunt for magical wedding venues, couples must always balance what they fancy with how things will practically pan out. We hope that the Pros and Cons tips we’ve provided will help ensure that fantasy and reality don’t end up cancelling each other out.”

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