Nuvation Engineering Launches New Battery Management System

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After developing four generations of custom battery management systems for large-scale batteries, Nuvation Engineering has launched a modular and scalable off-the-shelf BMS that reduces the need for manufacturers in the electric vehicle, grid energy storage, and telecom power backup industries to develop their own custom solutions.

Nuvation BMS - Grid Energy Block Diagram

Nuvation Battery Management System - A Grid Energy Storage Example Configuration

“It’s gratifying to work with the high level of competence demonstrated by the Nuvation development team,” stated Erik Soule, Vice-President, Signal Conditioning Products for Linear Technology.

THE BATTERY SHOW. Nuvation Engineering has begun taking orders for a Q4 product release of Nuvation BMS™, their new battery management system for high capacity battery packs with outputs in the 36VDC to 1200VDC range. Many off-the-shelf battery management systems do not natively support voltages as high as 1200VDC, a target set by Nuvation’s Director of Product Management, John Corman, to address the upper end of grid energy storage requirements.

“We designed this BMS in response to client requests for an off-the-shelf BMS that would eliminate the need for them to continuously design and redesign custom systems for their various high-power applications,” said Michael Worry, Nuvation’s President and CEO. “Nuvation BMS supports most battery chemistries and is comprised of modules that can be integrated with the battery in different ways to support a range of battery configurations, voltages, and capacities. It can manage anywhere from a few to thousands of cells and has a variety of I/O, including a Wi-Fi option, to support remote data collection and diagnostics. In addition to all this flexibility it includes the most advanced processors in the industry, which enables it to provide highly accurate state of charge monitoring, and it has redundant safety features to prevent battery fires and cell damage, even in the unlikely event of a module failure. Nuvation BMS can be supplied as an off-the-shelf product or can be customized for specialty and high volume applications by our team of power engineers.”

“It’s gratifying to work with the high level of competence demonstrated by the Nuvation development team,” stated Erik Soule, Vice-President, Signal Conditioning Products for Linear Technology. “We are pleased that they have designed such a high-performance, modular and scalable system using our BMS product line.”

“Nuvation’s fourth generation BMS is one of the most advanced off-the-shelf battery management systems available today for large scale energy storage platforms,” said Peter Blume, President of Bloomy, a leading manufacturer of BMS testing equipment. “They conducted both their firmware and hardware testing on Bloomy’s Battery Simulator 1200, which enabled them to simulate cell voltages that are outside of the safe operating range for typical battery cells, without damaging cells or creating a potential safety hazard.”

Targeted to clients with high volume requirements, Nuvation BMS was designed to support grid energy, electric vehicles, data center and telecom tower backups, and mobile robotics platforms.

About Nuvation Engineering
Nuvation is a North American product realization company that performs all aspects of electronic product development, from initial concept and design through to volume production. In business since 1997, they have completed over 800 electronic hardware designs and embedded software engineering projects. They have developed four generations of BMS designs since 2008. Nuvation BMS is their first off-the-shelf system and is based on their 4th generation architecture.

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