Horror Thriller "Return of the Giants" Earns 5-Star Rating on Amazon

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Readers report “Return of the Giants: A Dark Tale of the Nephilim,” by Robert T. Brooke, is a ragingly brilliant, multilayered thriller that cannot be put down.

"Return of the Giants" is a horror-novel-cum-thriller that crosses exotic and at times heavy terrain, from intrigue at Bohemian Grove, the hidden refuge of presidents and billionaires (based on credible reports), to underground scientific projects at Stanford and Cambridge, to the shrouded New Forest region of England, where the terrifying Nephilim are kept from view in a massive facility. (The Nephilim are ancient giants that were destroyed in the Great Flood, and endless speculation has surrounded their terrible powers. We peer into these and other mysteries in a world of the near-future—a feast for those able to read between the lines.)

Author Robert T. Brooke sojourned through the dark side of the occult much of his life before finding a doorway of hope and what he calls the answer to the problem of evil. The story is based on an IMAX-level dream the author had of horrifying recombinant DNA scientific clandestine experiments. When the Nephilim came into view, towering into the sky (and, indeed, chronicled in the ancient world), he broke into a cold sweat ("I am hard to scare"). At that point the author was afraid he was being shown something. At first he resisted, but then began writing.

The actual writing of the novel began in an old Edwardian Colonial hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where the author stayed for months. After numerous rewrites spanning seven years, from Berkeley to Coromandel, New Zealand (where he has a residence), the novel was completed. Robert T. Brooke is a conservative libertarian who has a very sobered view of insider manipulation and the West's downward course, where trusting people are being betrayed by their leaders for an agenda utterly alien to their interests.

The author writes at a very high level, creating a fast-paced read that is ideal for plane or train, as new findings crop up at unexpected turns. English travel-writer and journalist John Hills said: "Ragingly brilliant, riveting. Couldn't put it down. On the level of the best of Dean Koontz spliced with vintage Michael Crichton. Remarkable intrigue, depth and range." Hills, publisher & founder of "Maui Gold Magazine," "Maui INC Magazine" and "Centerpiece Magazine," adds that should "Return of the Giants" fall into the hands of a visionary director of Peter Jackson's caliber, it could easily become a blockbuster movie, especially given recent leaps in special effects.

"Return of the Giants," available as a Kindle eBook and in paperback: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MJBQQPQ

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