Best 5 Natural Skin Hydrators For Your Beauty Routine Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging website, published an article today discussing natural skin moisturizers

Roughly 8.4 million people in the United States suffer from chronic dry skin, while millions more develop seasonal dryness during the fall and winter months when conditions become more arid across the country. Moisturizers can be used to keep skin properly hydrated year-round, but for women who prefer to use natural skin care products over synthetics, choosing the right moisturizer can be challenging. The latest article by, Best 5 Natural Skin Hydrators, discusses five of the most widely used and rigorously studied natural skin hydrators found in moisturizers and body lotions to help women make informed buying choices.

An emollient is a type of skin moisturizer that supplements hydration levels in the skin tissue and promotes softer, smoother skin. What are some of the best natural emollients used in skin care products today? Why do they stand out among other options that are available on the market? How do the natural emollients differ from one another? To find out, visit or click:

A humectant is a second type of skin hydrator that helps moisture from the air bind with the skin to keep it moisturized. What is the best natural humectant found in moisturizers? From where is this natural ingredient sourced? Does it offer other benefits for the skin beyond decreasing the likelihood of dry skin occurring?

Occlusives are the third and final type of skin hydrator. These moisturizers work by sealing moisture into the skin to keep the tissue's natural protective barrier intact. What is the best natural lanolin? How is it sourced? In what types of products is it often found and for what type of skin is it best suited? To find out more about occlusive and humectants, visit or click:

Women who wish to use natural skin care products instead of traditional synthetic products must use caution when shopping for body lotions and moisturizers. What is one thing that a woman should do before purchasing a moisturizer or body lotion that is advertised as being natural? Why is this so important? Is there a specific definition or set of criteria that is used to determine whether or not a product is natural? To find out, visit or click:

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