Shop RTO Website Releases Gas Savings Tips

Share Article addresses rising gas prices hurting everyday Americans with safe hypermilling tips.

Safe hypermilling tips

Save gas. Save money.

Gas prices keep rising squeezing family budgets.

Home lifestyle website Shop RTO recognizes the growing worries working Americans face paying their regular bills. One regular bill is at the gas station and as prices keep going up, family budgets keep getting squeezed.

Shop RTO offers the following tips regarding some best practices to keep the car fuel bill as low as possible.

Shop RTO stresses the obvious which is not to drive. Walk or use a bicycle whenever possible. If the bus or carpool is convenient then use that option.

Shop RTO points out riding a bus offers a less stressful drive and opportunities to get some work done, personally and professionally, while someone else is driving.

Working at home, whether full or part-time, is another good option. Communication via text, e-mails, video conferencing continue to make that a more effective option. Working at home is becoming more common and employers are becoming warmer to the idea.

If driving is the only viable option, Shop RTO points out the following tips when driving.

Remove the junk from the trunk. The less the car weighs, the less gas is needed. Many Americans leave unused and unnecessary items in the trunk.

Find the quickest route to the most common places and use regularly. Shop RTO points out that time in the car is more important than actual mileage. The more time spent in the car is wasting gas. Time several routes until the shortest is found. Use the many apps, google maps, mapquest or the local news websites as tools to help.

Shop RTO claims one of their best recommendations is to not speed up to stop. When approaching or knowing a stop sign or stop light is ahead, let off the gas pedal and coast to the stop. This tactic saves immensely on gas over time as well as wear and tear on the brakes.

Park in spots that are easy to get in and out. Most of those spots are further away but also avoid the energy wasted trying to wait or maneuver through the most crowded areas of the parking lot.

Avoid car idling by avoiding drive-thrus and waiting for passengers. Turn the car off to wait or park and walk in to get what is needed.

Use the air conditioner as less as possible and always check tire pressure to make sure tires are properly filled.

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