DrSocial's Fundraising Project to support medical research

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How a free sign up can help community in terms of services and financial support for the healthcare system.

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The stock market's perception of a social network is that with every sign up each share increases its value.

DrSocial is a free website where patients can find a doctor, learn about medical conditions and help fund medical research by signing up. When a patient registers on the website without referral by a research organization, DrSocial donates $1.00 on his or her behalf, to a research organization routinely made at the end of the month.

The idea of DrSocial's involvement in fundraising was started by analizing Social Networks IPOs (Initial Public Offering), and digging into Twitter's case history. Social Network IPOs are relatively new to the financial market and unlike off-line companies that are willing to sell stocks, social networks are regulated by slightly different market rules. The share value of these companies is not only depending on their revenue, profits, company assets, etc, but it is also related to the website growth in terms of users and in relation to their engagement.

A common pattern with a strong connection between website growth (or decrease) and share appreciation (or depreciation), is observed in the following articles:




The stock market's perception of a social network is that with every sign up on Twitter, each share increases its value. A similar behaviour can be seen in Facebook too, however it had a much stronger, tested and profitable business and monetization model, therefore its pattern is not as clear.
This founding has inspired one of the founders of DrSocial, Claudio Teri to make the following assumption: “Every time a user signs up on a social network, the user drags an equity to the company.” This new approach to companies' evaluation could start a new way of structuring business models on social network projects that can take into account charity as a leverage to the site's growth. DrSocial shares part of this potential equity with its community.

DrSocial is developed on the principle of fundraising for medical research that is currently being backed up by the founders and seed investors. Its team believes that binding a continuous flow of donations to their growth can leverage sign ups and benefit medical research funding in a never-ending circle. This would give visibility and attract VC investors who would strengthen DrSocial's services and resources for medical research.

The final goal of DrSocial is to build a social network with a strong business model that is not only attractive for investors, but also helpful for the entire community in terms of services and financial support for the healthcare system.
This model is spreading and there are other projects, like Bank of Cancer Research introducing it and willing to set up an account where all profits are donated to Cancer Research.
http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6-O0VgvEC8

The often-cited statistic in the discourse of international development and aid claims that “half of the world's population lives on less than $1 a day.” 1$ can mean life, education, food water and health to millions of people around the world. And 1$ mobilized from each person in a community or network has the power to effect a great deal of change.

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