DNR Clinic Offers Hip Bursitis Treatment in Manhattan

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Overcome Hip Bursitis with Effective Treatment Regimes from Manhattan Treatment Center

Hip bursitis

Hip bursitis treatment

Manhattan residents who suffer with hip bursitis or pain on the side of the hip, which could be bursitis now have a valuable resource for hip bursitis treatment in Manhattan. This treatment is now offered at New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Center.

Hip bursitis, which is also called trochanteric bursitis, occurs when the trochanteric bursa becomes irritated or inflamed. This bursa is a fluid-filled sac in the hip, between the iliotibial band and the greater trochanter. Most people with hip bursitis or undiagnosed pain on the side of the hip don't know what a bursa is, what the iliotibial band or the greater trochanter are or what causes the bursa to become inflamed. They just know that they want the pain to stop.

Dr. Lev Kalika, director of DNR, understands this desire to end the pain but cautions that before the pain can be addressed, "we need to establish the cause of the trochanteric bursitis and address the pain correctly for each individual."

There are numerous causes of hip bursitis. Dr. Kalika says that the most common cause of trochanteric or hip bursitis is a mechanical fault in the hip. "Usually we find the fault at the conjunction of the pelvis and the hip. We often find instability and lack of femoral muscle control when the patient is active." Activities contributing to trochanteric bursitis include intense sports and athletics such as running or jumping. Everyday activities can also contribute to hip bursitis. Simply walking or climbing stairs can aggravate and inflame the bursa when there is a mechanical fault in the hip.

Pronation of the foot, or the inward roll of the foot when walking or running, can also contribute to hip bursitis. Because this requires different treatment than a mechanical fault in the foot, Dr. Kalika and the staff at DNY work carefully to find the cause of hip bursitis before beginning treatment.

Bursitis patients who have searched for relief already know that some bursitis hip treatment methods can ease the pain temporarily but does not fix the underlying problem. At New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Center, Dr. Kalika and his staff work to fix the problem causing the inflamed bursa.

Proper treatment for hip bursitis involves hip bursitis treatment stretching, strengthening the muscles around the femur and learning how to activate and use the femoral muscles properly. This restores the proper mechanics of the pelvis and hip during weight-bearing activities.

Where the main cause of hip bursitis is foot pronation, exercises are used along with orthotics or a change in footwear to correct the pronation.

Dr. Kalika explains that he and his staff are ready and willing to accept new patients. "Our doctors and physical therapists have a great deal of experience treating trochanteric bursitis. In addition to our skilled staff we have a variety of advanced treatment equipment. For each new patient we create an individualized treatment plan to address the root causes of trochanteric bursitis and restore the patient's quality of life.

Contact Dr. Kalika and Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehab at http://www.nydnrehab.com or 1-866-311-5889.

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