Caught On Video: 59-Year-Old Homeowner Fights off Three Armed Burglars; also, Elephants as Best Friends and Spectacular Iceberg Collapses

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This week in Caught On Video, the popular magazine highlights the millions of people victimized by burglars with security camera footage of a 59-year-old homeowner who heroically fought off three young armed thieves.

Caught On Video online magazine for the week of Sept 23, 2014.

When activity is detected in zones that you specify, the camera records… and sends you an alert in real time. You can then log in live and watch the video on your smartphone to determine if it’s safe at home, and also if police intervention is needed.

In this week's Caught On Video, we focus on a homeowner who fought back against armed thieves—and won. On a lighter note, Caught On Video follows three inspiring tales of elephant-dog friendships, and a near miss for a tourist boat that tangled with a collapsing iceberg.

"Video: 59-Year-Old Homeowner Fights off Three Armed Burglars—and Wins!"

The security camera normally plays the hero role in capturing burglars, but in this week's special feature, we profile Andrew Adamson, a 59-year-old who fought off three armed crooks who broke into his home. Unarmed, he not only defended himself, but valiantly chased them off, despite one youth repeatedly striking him with a weapon. Fortunately, security cameras not only recorded the event, they helped provide evidence against the criminals.

A smarter camera system—the type that actually notifies the homeowner of a break-in with alerts to cell-phones—might have allowed the heroic homeowner to call police and catch them in the act. He wouldn’t have had to provide the muscle, endangering himself and his wife.

“Combining alerts with activity recognition, features we use at iWatchLife, could have alerted the homeowners before they walked in on the burglars,” said Maureen Campbell, Director of Marketing and Communications at iWatchLife, a do-it-yourself home security monitoring service. “When activity is detected in zones that you specify, the camera records, and, if you choose, sends you an alert in real time. You can then log in live and watch the video on your smartphone to determine if it’s safe at home, and also if police intervention is needed. The recorded video may then be used to help police catch the thieves, or even as evidence, if necessary."
Watch the dramatic and heroic video and read more>>

"Videos: Elephants as Best Friends—They’re as Social as Dogs, as Clever as Chimpanzees, and They Never Forget a Friend"

Elephant-canine friendships are surprisingly common, as three new buddy videos reveal in this week's Caught-On. The most famous involve three separate, well-known dogs, all named Bella.

The first video reveals the endearing friendship of Bella and Bubbles, both rescued animals, who spend 24 inseparable hours together each day, enjoying everything from sleeping (with Bella cuddled up in the crook of Bubble's massive leg), swimming and playing together.

Tara and Bella enjoy an equally devoted friendship. In a second video, we see Tara literally nursing Bella back to health after a severe spinal injury. Bella responds only when Tara guards and caresses her.

In Asia, dogs and elephants are often friendly. After the catastrophic floods in Bangkok in 2011, Elephant Nature Park volunteers rescued dogs trapped on rooftops, dying of starvation. Of these 2,000 rescued dogs, 155 were brought to Elephant Nature Park for a second chance at life. These dogs were brought up side by side with rescued elephants. View the charming videos and read more>>

"Video: Spectacular Iceberg Arch Collapse Causes Panic in Nearby Boat, Highlights Melting Ice-Cap Problem"

“Go! Go! Go!” shouts a panicky boat passenger as an iceberg collapses too close for comfort. Caught on camera, the spectacular ice arch, a beautiful sculpture of nature, suddenly crashes down into the ocean, creating a massive wave surge.

Such spectacles are not rare today. In fact, the melting of Greenland’s glaciers is accelerating, with 40,000 medium or large icebergs created by calving each year, on average. View the video and read the story>>

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