Davron Indexing Conveyor Oven Simplifies Brake Lining Curing Process

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Davron Technologies, Inc. introduces the DTI-226-300, an electrically heated indexing conveyor oven designed to cure brake linings for a Tier 1 automotive supplier.

dti 226-300 custom oven

Davron Technologies, Inc. designed and manufactured the DTI-226-300, an electrically heated indexing conveyor oven designed to cure brake linings for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. Prior to commissioning the DTI-226-300, Davron’s customer cured the linings by placing them in a fixture and processing them through a series of ovens in order to achieve the desired temperature profile. This required handling the product at several stages of the process. The DTI-226-300 indexing conveyor oven enables the user to place multiple fixtures across the width of the conveyor belt. The oven then indexes them through four heated zones, eliminating the need to handle the fixtures multiple times throughout the curing process.

The oven features four heated zones in the oven chamber and each zone is capable of operating at different temperature profiles. Each zone includes one electric heater, controlled by SCR, and one circulation fan. The individual zones are separated by pneumatically powered vertical doors. The doors open prior to the indexing of the conveying system and close when the index is complete. This system allows each zone to maintain the correct temperature profile. Zone one ramps the product to a predetermined set point and the product then indexes to zone two, where it soaks at the same temperature as zone one for the specified time. The product then indexes to zone three and ramps to a higher set point required for the curing process. The product is next indexed to zone four and soaks at the same temperature as zone three for the required time to complete the curing process. Once cured, the product is then indexed to the unload position outside of the heated chamber.

The DTI-226-300 features one electric heater and one circulation fan for each zone, providing a total of four each for the system. The indexing conveyor oven also includes one exhaust fan to remove byproducts of the process. The maximum operating temperature range for each zone is 200-500⁰F. The DTI-226-300 features PLC control and all motion functions are controlled by servo for accuracy and speed. The conveying system includes a flat wire belt with a herringbone support system for minimum wear on the conveyor belt. The conveyor extends beyond the heated chamber on both the entrance and exit ends to allow product to be loaded and unloaded. The airflow in each zone follows a vertical top-down pattern ensuring each product receives the proper cure.

The useable dimensions of the DTI-226-300 are 11’0” wide x 1’-0” high x 37’4” long. The interior of the oven is made out of 16-gauge aluminized steel backed by six inches of eight-pound density mineral wool insulation. The exterior is constructed of 16-gauge carbon steel backed by a structural steel frame and finished with high temperature paint. The oven features four access doors to provide access to the heated chamber for maintenance and cleaning.

Davron designed the DTI-226-300 indexing conveyor oven based on three criteria provided by the customer: the production rate, the product size, and the temperature profile for the curing process. Once the indexing conveyor oven was manufactured, Davron did acceptance testing and training with the customer at Davron headquarters in Chattanooga, Tenn., prior to shipment. Davron then went on site to install the oven at the customer’s facility.

Visit http://www.davrontech.com for more information about Davron’s indexing conveyor oven capabilities for the automotive industry. Or, if you’d like to discuss your own industrial oven project, please call Davron’s Vice President, Jimmy Evans, at (888) 263-2673, or fill out Davron’s online quotation form.

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