New Article on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Business Debt Added to Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer Richard Fonfrias Website

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Providing valuable information to assist people in debt, noted Chicago bankruptcy attorney and financial rescue specialist Richard Fonfrias of the Fonfrias Law Group, LLC, has added a new article to his website ( explaining how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be used to protect small business owners from personal liability for their company’s debts.

People should not consider bankruptcy as a personal failure, but as an opportunity to start again.

As a service to assist people struggling with debt and to provide the public with information on a wide range of relevant legal and financial topics including bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt management strategies, financial rescue specialist and Chicago bankruptcy lawyer Richard G. Fonfrias, J.D., the managing partner of the Fonfrias Law Group, LLC, has added another informative new article to his law firm’s website ( The new article, entitled Business Debt: Erase Your Personal Liability with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, discusses how a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be used to protect a small business owner from being personally liable for the debts their company is unable to repay.

Fonfrias’ new article, which is the latest of many educational and informative articles on his Chicago law office website, provides small business owners with important information that they need to consider if their company has serious cash-flow problems and unmanageable debt. In Business Debt: Erase Your Personal Liability with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Fonfrias cites several different situations where a small business owner might want to consider filing for Chapter 7. He then goes on to describe how Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy works and how it can help protect the personal assets of small business owners of sole proprietorships and general partnerships. The owners of corporations and limited liability companies (LLC) are usually not personally responsible for business debts, except where they have signed a statement of personal responsibility or a personal guarantee, and then they are on the hook. Fonfrias also gives reasons why a person filing for personal bankruptcy might wish to close their business and start afresh with a new company.

“Many people are surprised to learn that they can rid themselves of personal liability for the debts of their failing business. Small businesses were hit especially hard during the last recession, and many of the ones that managed to survive are still struggling as the economy slowly recovers. People should not consider bankruptcy as a personal failure, but as an opportunity to start again. Small business owners helped to build this country, and our founding fathers seemed to understand this when they drafted the Constitution and charged the United States Congress with the responsibility of creating national bankruptcy laws. They recognized that, for any number of reasons, both people and businesses sometimes become overextended, and believed that everyone deserves a second chance at success,” says Fonfrias.

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