Can a Special Harmonica Help with Asthma? Harmonica Techs, Inventors of the Pulmonica® Pulmonary Harmonica, Attend Asthma Educators Conference to Enthusiastic Reception

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Asthma is a complex illness and new treatments are always being considered. The pulmonary harmonica has been designed to improve breathing with no musical talent required, and the potential benefits for people with COPD, asthma, allergies, and cystic fibrosis are being explored.

The Pulmonica has changed my life.I was getting bad asthma attacks and I was tense all the time. I’m happier because I can do more things. LM

While attending a recent Association of Asthma Educators conference in San Antonio, Dana Keller, PhD, inventor of the Pulmonica Pulmonary Harmonica, spoke with researchers, respiratory therapists, and physicians about the potential advantages of people with asthma using the Pulmonica as an adjunct to current treatment. The Pulmonica is a specially constructed and low-tuned Pulmonary Harmonica® that produces deep, resonant, meditative sounds that can be felt vibrating in the lungs and sinuses. No musical talent is needed to use it – just take long, slow, deep, complete breaths through the Pulmonica, and it always sounds soothing.

The reaction from the asthma educators was enthusiastic. “I think children would benefit very much,” responded an asthma educator from Texas about the Pulmonica. Her sentiment was echoed by her colleague from New York, “I think it’s a really great idea for kids.”

“Asthma is an inflammatory disease that varies in severity, triggers, and even symptoms, so it’s hard to apply one solution to this diverse problem. However, many of the 300 million people suffering with asthma worldwide have problems clearing their airways, and everyone can benefit from additional oxygenation and strengthening the muscles around the lungs. The Pulmonica has the potential to help with those issues,” said Dr. Keller. “Possibly the greatest benefit comes from the relaxation aspect of breathing deeply and slowly against the Pulmonica’s variable resistance, and producing meditative sounds that are soothing. People of all ages with asthma are understandably anxious about losing the ability to breathe freely, so having the learned and practiced ability to relax could be important when sensing an upcoming potential attack.”

“One of the participants in our clinical study at the Sarasota Senior Friendship Center, a busy single father, said this to me about using the Pulmonica, “I’m calmer and more peaceful. I think because I’m not worried about not being able to breathe. I was getting bad asthma attacks and I was tense all the time. It’s like a meditation. I’m happier because I can do more things. People used to ask me go to the beach and I would say no, because I knew I’d be tired, and I was afraid I might have an asthma attack. Now I’ve been to the beach three times in the last few weeks. The Pulmonica has changed my life. I have a big trip planned and I feel much better knowing that I’m feeling better.”
The study participant continued, “Anyone who wants to get rid of their breathing problems should be using the Pulmonica. People ask me about it because it doesn’t sound the same as a regular harmonica, and I tell them it’s a Pulmonica. It’s surprising that it would be as effective as it is. I saw results in just a few days. You have to use it, but it helps.”

A volunteer at the Sarasota Senior Friendship Center, who participated in a pulmonary support group featuring the Pulmonica, said, “I’ve always had trouble in conversations because I get breathless. From the asthma I had as a kid, I have some restricted lung capacity. When I answer the phone, most people tell me I sound out of breath. I don’t think I’m as breathless when I use the Pulmonica, I think that it helped.”

There have also been some compelling testimonials online regarding asthma. C.S. wrote a 5-star Amazon review, “My daughter has severe asthma. Finding a non-medicated way to help her breathe better is wonderful! She uses her Pulmonica every night and has not had to use Prednisone since starting use of the Pulmonica. The "low and slow" approach to blowing in the Pulmonica is also relaxing for her. She enjoys hearing the sounds as well so instead of being frustrated at having to "do her asthma medicine", she needs little encouragement to use her Pulmonica.”
Another Amazon customer wrote, “I have asthma and have problems at times. The Pulmonica helps me focus on my breathing. I find that I breathe more deeply at all times after using this device for a few weeks.”

Stephen Harlin, MD added a ‘Physician Recommended’ review on Amazon, “Chest percussion and vibration ("chest physiotherapy") have long been standards of care for patients with pulmonary problems. The medical literature is replete with scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of chest physiotherapy in the treatment of individuals having difficulty clearing secretions. But access to respiratory therapists to receive regular physiotherapy can be challenging and costly. In addition, many patients with chronic conditions find self-monitoring and self-management to work very well and to contribute to improved quality of life.

Taken together, Pulmonica is a brilliant solution for patients who understand their disease and want to take an active role in keeping themselves well. As a physician, I see the potential for Pulmonica to become an important adjunct in the management of chronic pulmonary disorders and the raise the standard of care.”

Dr. Keller concluded, “The scientific principles behind the Pulmonica are sound, and we have research studies underway around the country examining the effectiveness of the Pulmonica for people with asthma. If you are fit enough to consider playing a wind instrument to improve your lung function, but struggle with not being a musician, the Pulmonica might be a good alternative for you. Most people feel the results quickly, so purchases through include a 30-day money back guarantee. That means just almost everyone can try this product risk-free. The Pulmonica was developed for family members with allergies and emphysema, but just about anyone who wants to improve their breathing should be able to benefit from regular use.” See for more information on this novel device.

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