New High Tech Pet Patent Apps Promise Big Changes for Pets

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High Tech Pet Products, Inc. announced it has applied for patents for new technology that will allow wireless communication between pet collar, smart phone and external devices for training, containment, tracking, pet automation and many more functions.

High Tech Pet Introduces Ground-Breaking Pet Technology

High Tech Pet Introduces Ground-Breaking Pet Technology

This new technology opens the door to thousands of new automated functions for pets

It's the year 2015, Britany Dogluver is sitting in a business meeting when suddenly her phone beeps. She picks it up and says to the group, "Excuse me, I just got an important text from my dog." According to a spokesperson at High Tech Pet Products, Inc., this scenario is not, in the least, far-fetched. The company announced today that it has filed for a broad range of patents that promise to bring fundamental changes to the way people communicate and interact with their pets. So, what did that important text say? According to the spokesperson, the new technology allows preprogrammed messages to be sent when inputs are triggered at the dog's high tech pet collar. Examples may include: "I am barking my head off right now. I think there is an intruder on the premises"; "My pet feeder is almost empty can you pick up some dog chow?"; "I'm running a fever of 106°, better make a vet appointment for me"; "I've burned 660 calories and my Power Pet door is letting me back inside for a nap."; "I just ran away. My GPS is now enabled with 7hrs 3 min of battery life."

The patent pending technology starts with an electronic pet collar that contains numerous sophisticated inputs and outputs including microphone, camera, audio quality speaker, stimulus and vibration generators, nightlight, accelerometer, GPS receiver and cell phone transceiver. The collar is controlled by a smart phone app with the ability to transfer new firmware to the collar whenever the developers at High Tech Pet Products come up with a new function or feature. Earlier this month the company released its first products marketed under the trademark Bluefang (Bluetooth for pets). They include a collar that sends training commands from a cell phone via Bluetooth from a distance of up to 400 ft. The collar includes an advanced bark control algorithm that distinguishes between nuisance barking and the more urgent intruder and alarm type of barking, allowing the dog to bark at intruders if the user chooses. It also has a built-in electric fence receiver.

Patent Pending products slated for the near future include a collar that communicates with external devices in addition to the smart phone. For example, when the collar detects that the dog is barking at an intruder, it can turn on outside lights, lock doors or trigger an audible alarm. Integration with cellular or WiFi transceivers will allow the collar to send text or even pre-recorded voice messages to selected recipients. The company also plans to introduce a product that they claim will overcome the very short battery life of conventional GPS pet locators by using a central wireless transmitter that creates a perimeter around the pet owner's property. The wireless signal acts as an invisible wireless fence that will apply stimulus at the collar if the dog tries to move outside the perimeter. The GPS receiver is only turned on if the dog manages to escape the perimeter. Then GPS location data is sent to the smart phone for real-time tracking and location of the animal. The collar may even detect the presence of a human and ask for assistance getting home with a SIRI type of interactive human interface.

The company claims its patent applications further cover products and interactive smart phone apps that allow real time exercise of pet and pet owner, even integrating to the new Apple Watch, a "Doggie Talkie" function that will allow pet owners to send real time voice commands to the dog and countless others. According to company president, Nick Bonge, "This new technology opens the door to thousands of new automated functions for pets. The possibilities are literally endless. We have thousands of functions and features scheduled for development and that's just what we have thought up so far. There are an infinite number of useful functions we haven't even thought of, yet."

High Tech Pet is one of the nation's oldest most trusted manufacturers of electronic pet care products. It is a science and engineering driven company employing some of the world's best engineers, scientist, veterinarians, animal behaviorists and trainers.

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