Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Disease

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Regenerative Medicine Institute, Mexico Opens New Ambulatory Clinic

“Our board of directors represents cutting-edge researchers and physicians from around the world."

On August 15, 2014 Regenerative Medicine Institute, Mexico (RMI) began seeing patients through a new ambulatory clinic. Although RMI has been serving patients at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana since 2009, patients with conditions not requiring a hospital stay are now able to be treated at the new ambulatory clinic, giving them more options in their treatment setting.

When it comes to stem cell treatment for heart disease, there are a number of new players, including Okyanos in the Bahamas. As these exciting new practices get off the ground, RMI continues to grow and build upon expertise gained throughout the past five years.    

Physicians at RMI began their practice with the knowledge that adipose-derived adult autologous stem cells had the potential to help the body regenerate. It was with a great deal of excitement that they began to offer the option of adult stem cells to seriously ill patients from around the globe. With board certified specialists taking lead in each and every case, RMI developed 27 disease specific research protocols, submitting them for both IRB and government approval.

Through their experiences, RMI learned that not every condition could be treated as successfully as others. “It is important that a patient be able to have confidence in his doctor,” said Dr. Javier Lopez, Director of RMI. “Our board of directors represents cutting-edge researchers and physicians from around the world. The reason we sought a board with such a strong pedigree is that we wanted to be held to the highest possible standards. When a protocol is successful we want to build upon it. When one does not work well, we seek to learn everything we can from it so that the greatest number of patients will benefit.”

After five years of clinical practice and through collaboration with various research institutions, RMI has refined its practice and recognized the value of an ambulatory clinic to further serve its patients. In the new clinic physicians use stem cell therapy to treat type 2 diabetes and immunotherapy for serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis, lupus, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

With a practice that offers services through both an ambulatory clinic as well as the state-of-the-art Hospital Angeles, RMI employs some of the most respected physicians and specialists in their field. Due to the sheer amount of research that has taken place over the course of the last five years, RMI has begun to offer a new and promising immunotherapeutic approach to cancer treatment.

“Cancer is not a single disease, but rather a group of more than 100 distinct and different illnesses that all begin with cellular abnormalities. Our proprietary T Cell Modulator is a leucocyte extract whose purpose is to regulate immune function by controlling the production of signaling substances that influence immune cell activity,” said Dr. Lopez.

As to the concerns patients may have in regard to receiving medical treatment in a foreign country, Dr. Lopez says, “Even though many of us live and work in Tijuana, we understand the concerns of patients who may not be familiar with the city. For that reason, we encourage our patients to fly or drive into San Diego. We pick each patient up and shuttle them the few miles across the border to our clinic or Hospital Angeles. It is a routine trip for us and we have never faced a problem. Our ultimate goal is to keep our patients comfortable.”

Dr. Lopez expresses enthusiasm as other programs, like Okyanos, open their doors for the first time. “The media shares plenty of stories of international clinics with less-than-honest practices, but there are also amazing medical programs out there, doing the cutting-edge work that will help us get a handle on how most major health issues can be effectively dealt with.

“I can only wish a program like Okyanos the very best and am anxious to see how each of us will continue to grow, learn, and serve our patients,” Dr. Lopez said.

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