Celebrate National Seafood Month This October with 31 Seafood Recipes in 31 Days from Healthy Solutions Spice Blends

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National Seafood Month is a time to celebrate the ocean and all it has to offer with Healthy Solutions Spice Blends

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Seafood lovers, it’s time to celebrate National Seafood Month this October with Healthy Solutions Spice Blends' 31 seafood recipes in 31 days. This October is the perfect time to dive in and celebrate your love of seafood by using Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. Let Healthy Solutions Spice Blends free you from the mundane routine of preparing those same old seafood dishes by turning them into culinary marvels that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

During the month of October, consumers can go to http://www.spiceblends.com and browse all 31 seafood recipes designed by Shelly Wolcott, owner of Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. Shelly, a self-confessed seafood aficionado, has created delicious recipes that are easy and quick to prepare and are sure to have your family and friends clamoring for more.

Growing in popularity, Healthy Solutions Spice Blends is a line of 16 distinct spice blends that are made using only the highest quality spices and have no fillers or preservatives, no MSG, and are low in carbohydrates. In fact, most healthy Solutions Spice blends are made with no salt or sugar. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are the perfect solution for the daily challenges parents face every day when mealtime rolls around.

National Seafood Month is the perfect time to enjoy all the ocean has to offer! In addition to being delicious, seafood is a great source of high-quality protein, is typically low in fat, low in saturated fat and full of heart healthy Omega–3s. Furthermore, fish provides a lower calorie option than many other protein choices and is loaded with B Vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and selenium.

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends’ all natural seafood blends are offered in the following flavors:

Herb Crusted Tilapia – No salt or sugar, just a delicate blend of herbs and spices that will enhance, never overpower even the mildest fish.

Shrimp Scampi – A no-sugar blend of rich garlic and smooth creamy flavor of butter are represented in this splendid spice combination. A fabulous blend for shrimp either on the grill, sautéed or baked, and a great blend for a thousand other uses.

Cajun Seafood - Call it Cajun, Creole, or Blackened…we just call it delicious. Zesty and versatile, this family favorite will spice up any type of fish or seafood. This Cajun favorite is made with no salt or sugar.

Encrusted Haddock – A no salt or sugar blend of the finest herbs and spices that will complement your fillet’s natural flavor, not overpower it.

Lemon Pepper Scallops - A citrus and spice delight, our lemon pepper blend infuses just the right amount of savory pepper with the refreshing zest of lemon with no sugar added.

Sesame Ginger Tuna - Slightly sweet, and lively, this Asian inspired blend adds some gusto to your Tuna, Halibut, Shark, or Swordfish. This delicious blend is made with no salt or sugar.

Grilled Swordfish - A no salt summer grilling favorite, this spice blend also perks up cold weather grilling with natural lemon citrus overtones.

Salmon with Dill - A delicate bouquet of dill and spices, this combination enhances the rich flavor of fresh salmon steak or filet, and makes a quick, easy, and elegant meal. This incredible tasting blend is made with no salt or sugar.

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends’ full line of spice blends are offered in 16 distinct flavors for beef, pork, poultry or seafood. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends contain multiple servings, each in a zip-top packet for sealed-in freshness.

Did you know?

  • The United States is a global leader in sustainable seafood, supporting an industry with 1.2 million jobs nationwide and adding $55 billion of value to the United States.
  • It takes four to seven years for an American lobster to grow to one pound. Lobsters can grow up to 45 pounds!                                                                                                                                                                            
  • According to the National Fisheries Institute, the average American eats more than 15 pounds of seafood each year, consuming about 4.2 pounds of shrimp.
  • Shrimp is considered to be number one seafood on the list of seafood. One billion pounds of shrimp are eaten every year by Americans.                                                                            
  • There are 6 teams in the “Big 4″ major league sport associations in the United States who take the names of fish and marine birds. They are the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), San Jose Sharks (NHL), Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks (NFL), and the New Orleans Pelicans (NBA).
  • The first seafood-related song to reach the #1 spot on any country’s pop music charts was Rock Lobster which was a number 1 hit in Canada in 1979.

About Us:

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends™, LLC is located in Milford, New Hampshire and produces a branded line of All Natural, high quality, recipe ready spice blends that create healthy gourmet meals in minutes. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends use only the highest quality spices and are available in 16 distinctive blends for easy preparation when cooking with fish, beef, pork and poultry. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are made with no fillers or preservatives, are low in carbohydrates and made with no MSG. Most Healthy Solutions Spice Blends contain no salt or sugar. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are now available nationwide for Chain Supermarkets, Independent Supermarkets, Gourmet Food Stores, Club Stores and Foodservice Operators. For more information, contact Healthy Solutions Spice Blends at 603-622-8744 or e-mail sales(at)spiceblends(dot)com.

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