Mod Culture and the Infamous Fishtail Parka Coat

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A brief look at the mod youth subculture movement that began life in the late 1950's and the iconic fishtail parka coat famously adopted by mods. The fishtail parka is once again this season's must have fashion accessory.

fishtail parka coat

The Iconic Fishtail Parka

Where did you get that war coat so neat?

Mods and the iconic fishtail parka. From war coat to must have fashion accessory.

It is hard to imagine that 60+ years since mod culture began in the late fifties that it would still be going so strong to this present day. Fashions and fads come and go, but mod culture has stood the test of time and is now thriving the world over. Japan, Italy, Germany and the United States have a massive mod following. The sixties in the UK was magical and an inspiration to the world. Britain clearly, at the time, was the leading the way in fashion and popular music.

Early mods were influenced by modern jazz music from America. They had a love for continental fashion and scooters, the Italian mode of transport. One’s appearance was of paramount importance. Expensive mohair tonic suits with neatly cut haircuts was a contrasting look compared to the long greasy haired, leather clad rocker fraternity. To protect their Italian suits whilst riding their scooters, mods favoured the fishtail parka war coats produced by the US Army. The US Army are known for the quality of their military wear. They simply spend far more on clothing and protective gear for their soldiers compared to any other nation. A key part of mod philosophy was to only wear the best, hence as to why mods chose US Army fishtail parka coats.

Fishtail Parka' have been the leading supplier of mod fishtail parka coats since 2004. The company have in the past supplied Kate Moss, Liam Gallagher, the film Brighton Rock and most recently, The Who for their US & UK Quadrophenia respective tours. A spokesman for the company said: “Each winter season, fishtail parka’s continue to be the most popular coat on the High Street. It seems that every High Street shop is now producing their very own version in light of their immense popularity. As a company, we specialise in the original mod parka coats and therefore, our fishtail parka coats are military styled with the correct baggy look. Each year a fishtail parka is the must have fashion accessory. It is probably the most iconic styled coat on the planet and this may be part of the reason as to why they do not appear to flit in and out of fashion as other coat styles tend to do”.

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