DNA Spectrum Announces a New DNA Test For Custom Genetic Exercise Programs That Is Now Available For PreOrder At Only $99.

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DNA carries the instructions for the structure and function of every cell in the body and DNA Spectrum's new product, myDNA fitness, takes into account the complex interaction of individual genetic markers along with age, gender, height, weight, and ethnic background to determine the optimal exercise program.

Fitness from Genetics

DNA Based Exercise Plans

Current scientific research indicates that the effectiveness of an exercise routine is strongly linked to a person’s genetics.

More than 34.9% or 78.6 million of U.S. adults are currently overweight. Millions of people who try exercise programs find that the results don’t match the intense efforts they put into getting in shape and because of this missing link, DNA Spectrum is now offering a DNA Test for a Custom Genetic Exercise Program.

Current scientific research indicates that the effectiveness of an exercise routine is strongly linked to a person’s genetics. DNA Spectrum has utilized genetic analysis to devise a specialized exercise program tailored to every individual’s needs based solely on the genetic relevance and potential for physical activity, metabolism, and muscle physiology. After investing a significant amount of time and research into product development, DNA Spectrum is proud to present myDNA Fitness.

How myDNA Fitness Can Help You

This innovative new product has the potential to revolutionize the way people exercise, lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle. The process starts with the collection of DNA. A simple cheek swab allows lab technicians to access enough genetic material to run an analysis and begin the process of understanding how bodies are physically programmed.

Everyone responds differently to physical activity and this analysis creates a map that is used to guide individuals to their optimal fitness plan. Individuals can determine the frequency, duration, and type of exercises that would work best. So instead of running mile after mile over long durations of time, a person may find that the body responds better to sprinting or high intensity interval training.

Let Your Body Speak for Itself

DNA carries the instructions for the function of every cell in the body. It is responsible for a great deal of what makes up individual composition, including the response to physical activity. myDNA Fitness takes into account the complex interaction of genetic markers coupled with age, gender, height, and weight to determine genetic fitness potential.

An entire DNA panel and analysis is used to generate the personal physical fitness recommendations. A complex algorithm integrates the individual effects of genetic markers to provide specific recommendations for an exercise program.

Preorders for myDNA Fitness are now available.

To celebrate the launch of myDNA Fitness, DNA Spectrum is offering an introductory price of $99, plus shipping and handling, if the order is placed before October 15th 2014. The first group of customers will have exclusive access to results before the general public.

myDNA Fitness complements DNA Spectrum's marketplace of additional products such as myDNA Ancestry and myDNA Safe. While earlier offerings were geared primarily towards those with genealogical interests, the latest variant focuses on helping people tailor their lifestyles to their personal genetic characteristics.

Consumers who sign up for the new myDNA Fitness service during the preorder period will be able to take advantage of numerous features. For instance, participants will receive detailed overviews of their genetic test results as well as individualized analyses of exercise programs. In addition, detailed and advanced exercise attributes are presented in a clear and actionable manner. Understanding that many casual consumers may be unfamiliar with DNA technology, the firm also decided to include introductory information concerning subjects such as genes, DNA, weight management, body mass indices and body fat percentages. DNA Spectrum hopes that by combining its introductory package with this essential knowledge, it can disseminate valuable information about the potential benefits of genetic testing.

About DNA Spectrum

Every person's DNA stores an incredible amount of valuable information. This knowledge is only as relevant as the tools available to understand and unravel the mysteries hidden within the genetic sequence. The vision of DNA Spectrum is to uncover the information contained within a genome and present the findings in a format that is easy-to-understand, meaningful, and life changing.

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