Mick’s Tips & Estimates on Fall Pest Solutions

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St. Louis pest exterminators, Mick’s Exterminating, offers estimates on pest solutions for residential and commercial customers. Fall is a popular time for ants, rodents, fleas and bedbugs, which are some of the most difficult pests to remove.

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In October, St. Louis often sees an increase in the following pest issues: fleas, bedbugs, ants and rodents. The increasingly cooler temperatures of fall force pests to search for warmer housing and new food sources. Pests natural food sources—crops, gardens, and trash items—become less accessible and less abundant than in the spring and summer, so rodents and ants begin to look elsewhere—namely in the home.

Mick’s is offering free estimates on pest solutions for residential and commercial customers this fall, $10 off any pest service for new customers and $50 off termite elimination for new customers. It’s something to take advantage of now!

“One flea can produce thousands in their short lifespan of one to one-and-a-half years,” Mick’s Exterminating President, Matt Ostrander said. With fall temperatures vacillating between warm and cool, fleas are still a problem to look for. “We use an Insect Growth Regulator to control fleas which stops the flea from developing into an adult. Without the IGR, controlling fleas would be almost impossible due to the fact that they lay so many eggs.”

Bedbugs multiply quickly and a single female can lay 500 eggs during her life with her offspring reproducing within a few months as well. “Bedbugs can develop a resistance to certain insecticides,” Ostrander said. “If the homeowner treats their house with an over the counter product, the bedbugs will just scatter to a safe area and wait until moving is possible again. They can survive a year without feeding, so making sure to remove them properly is imperative!”

Ants live in large social colonies numbering in the tens of thousands, sometimes millions, and their volume makes them a challenge to control. Ants will seek your kitchen for its warmth and food. Your home is ideal because ants can easily live in kitchen cabinets, floor cracks and within walls. Ants are not only troublesome but can cause serious damage to the home, destroy food and track dirt and disease in from the outside. “You must find out how and where they are getting in to have a chance to control,” Ostrander said. “Same as bedbugs, ants can detect over the counter products and just scatter to a safe area only to return when the product wears off.”

Rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks and more, and their breeding season peaks by late summer and pregnant females need secure, warm nesting sites with reliable food sources and protection from predators—hence the desire to enter a home. “The most common mouse in St. Louis is the House Mouse,” Ostrander said. “House mice are more than a nuisance; they damage personal property by eating and contaminating stored food and are human disease carriers. They also have been known to cause fires by chewing electrical wires.

“Just placing a few mouse traps out isn't enough. We have to do a full inspection of the house and find and seal the areas they are getting in,” Ostrander said.

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Mick’s Exterminating is a local, family owned pest control and exterminating business with over 40 years of experience. And with fall here, we want to help ensure your home is pest free by offering free estimates and pest control tips.

Contact Mick’s today for more information or visit micksexterminating.com. Be sure to check out our blog next week for helpful tips on fall pest control!

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