Arroweye Solutions Amps Up Payment Card Security Against Hacking Threats

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Arroweye Solutions amps up payment card security against hacking threats, Prime Factors’ EncryptRIGHT® selected for automated Crypto Key Management.

Brian Huse, CIO of Arroweye Solutions, selects Prime Factors' EncryptRIGHT

Brian Huse, CIO of Arroweye Solutions

EncryptRIGHT allows Arroweye to stay ahead of the ongoing threat of cyber crime, using the latest strong encryption algorithms, and unmatched ease of integration that we need to rapidly respond to current events

Prime Factors today announced that Arroweye Solutions® has updated its automated crypto key management with EncryptRIGHT.

“Protection of data is a chief priority,” said Arroweye chief information officer Brian Huse. “EncryptRIGHT allows Arroweye to stay ahead of the ongoing threat of cyber crime, using the latest strong encryption algorithms, and unmatched ease of integration that we need to rapidly respond to current events.”

Encryption key management is the administration of electronic tasks involved with protecting, storing, backing up and organizing keys that encryption algorithms use to protect critical data. EncryptRIGHT not only enables companies like Arroweye to meet market demands to apply vetted strong algorithms, but it also adds new capabilities for automated cryptographic key lifecycle management that help guard against cyber-attacks.

“It’s essential to maintain industry best practices when managing and protecting all the keys needed to encrypt customer data,” said Huse. “With EncryptRIGHT we leverage best-in-class cryptographic capabilities without the expense of recoding all our applications and systems.”

Like many of Prime Factors’ customers, Arroweye works in the highly regulated payment card production industry and adheres to security standards even higher than the PCI DSS that applies more generally to payment card processing. As both the speed of computers and cybercriminal sophistication have progressed, companies must use stronger, thoroughly vetted and universally accepted encryption algorithms with more keys than ever before.

Arroweye decided to upgrade its existing encryption/decryption library to meet the data protection and key management challenges of tomorrow, while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing systems. EncryptRIGHT enables Arroweye to leave its existing library interface in place, while changing the cryptographic data protection and key management under its covers.

Prime Factors is well known for providing packaged cryptographic software to data centers worldwide since the early 1980s. Arroweye is already using Prime Factors’ Bank Card Security System® (BCSS) for the creation and management of cryptographic elements for magnetic stripe payment card personalization. Prime Factors’ EncryptRIGHT data protection platform provides the latest strong encryption algorithms with the most seamless integration available, as well as automated cryptographic key lifecycle management.

“From the beginning, we designed EncryptRIGHT to have an integration profile that reduces the amount of work required to add its data protection capabilities to existing or new applications,” says Prime Factors VP of Development Gary Sarasin. “We intentionally set out to shield customers from the complexity of integration with the underlying cryptographic libraries, so that time-to-market for needed data protection can be as short as possible.”

Working with Huse and his team, Prime Factors demonstrated that the Arroweye data protection library could be modified in a way that allowed its external interface to remain the same, while updating its capabilities. Underneath those covers, the library integrates with the EncryptRIGHT API for encryption and cryptographic key rotation capabilities.

For more details regarding Arroweye’s evaluation and eventual selection of EncryptRIGHT for their data protection infrastructure refresh, register at for a webinar at 1 PM Central on Tuesday, November 11, when Huse will discuss his experiences and respond to audience questions.


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