A Little Peace of Mind This Weekend, With a Home Inventory Finally Done?

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The new app ListStuffFast's creators think 20 minutes is the key to getting a home inventory done. Fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, evacuations on the news have always had people thinking about needing a home inventory, sometimes while panicked in the middle of an evacuation, but in the past it has just seemed to take too much time and effort.

"Given that we live in fire and earthquake prone areas, how many of you have thought about, or wished you had a home inventory"

ListStuffFast, the new home inventory app for use on iPhone and iPad is likely the fastest way to create a workable home inventory. The app is also helpful in moves or in simple Estate and Divorce Divisions. ListStuffFast takes a different approach to home inventory listing needs than existing apps on the market. The app creator, David MacMahan says keeping it simple and fast to complete was the best way to help people be prepared for a loss from natural disaster, or ready to create item lists for estate planning, moving, downsizing, etc. The app is touted by the company "as a great all-purpose home inventory solution that a person may really use". $4.99 in the Apple Store provides for up to three properties, and unlimited rooms, photos and items per property. ListStuffFast Lite is also available to test or for small homes or apartments for free.

David MacMahan, founder of DivvyMaster.com, the developer of ListStuffFast, says he was a guest speaker at an estate planning seminar with around one hundred home owners in the audience last year. At that event he asked to see a show of hands of those who have a current home inventory. Only one hand raised.

He then asked: "Given that we live in fire and earthquake prone areas, how many of you have thought about or wished you had a home inventory?" He says pretty much all hands were raised. In follow up discussion, some attendees indicated they had started a home inventory, but found it too overwhelming and time consuming to get very far, so they never finished.

That's when MacMahan tested several available apps and found that they were designed to be a "perfect world wish list" of insurance company requested information on each item. After researching, he found all those item details were not actually required by insurance companies to file a claim, just requested if available. Several insurance sites actually noted that the main problem for consumers filing claims was an inability to remember all that was lost. He wondered if there wasn't a way to make a home inventory so simple it would seem silly not to have it if needed, and easy enough to just be an easy "honey-do list" item.

The key, MacMahan says, ended up being the idea of creating a photo inventory room by room. The specific item and item details can be added "when or if" ever needed, and to the level needed. Focusing on taking detailed photos of the rooms and any documents laid out together so the reference information is available is critical. For some uses, like divorce asset listings, heir distributions, downsizing, moving or probate asset listings, much less detail is typically needed to generate the reports needed. A unique photo tagging system allows multiple items to be detailed within each room photo and a wide array of reports and ways to sort the lists.

Soon the photos and item information created in ListStuffFast will be able to upload to DivvyMaster.com. There additional services, including assistance identifying, listing and valuing items, online appraisals and access to the newly patented DivvyMaster online division tools for estates, divorces and downsizing are found.

DivvyMaster.com, was founded in 2011 by entrepreneur David MacMahan to create innovative online solutions to the practical and emotional challenges of death, divorce and downsizing. A U.S. software patent was issued to DivvyMaster in August of this year. The new DivvyMaster online division solutions to compliment the new ListStuffFast iOS app are expected to be available in early 2015.

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