MudbuM™ Launches All-American Made Hawg Lawg™, Built to Hold Record Breaking Catfish

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A revolutionary new product, the Hawg Lawg saves time and hassles on the river

Hawg Farm

MudbuM™ LLC, an innovative new fishing products manufacturer, has launched the Hawg Lawg™, a revolutionary ditty pole/bank pole that brings together an old-school method with a new-school approach. Featuring durability and unmatched strength, the ditty pole is completely reusable, knot-free and tangle-free. With each specification 100 percent made in the USA—from the ditty pole to the tackle box—the Hawg Lawg is built for catching record-breaking catfish and is the first product of its kind on the market.

The Hawg Lawg is 7-feet in length and holds an incredibly durable and completely salvageable 250-pound rated, 7.5-foot (maximum 8-foot) retractable PowerPro Spectra braided line. The pole features an internally retractable line for storage and a very fast, knot-free, fishing system. It also includes a fastener that disengages to allow the line to be pulled out of the face of the cap, and a barrel swivel.

Other accessories the Hawg Lawg package (Hawg Lot/Hawg Farm) includes is a 24 or 40 ounce mallet, one Hawg Tag per pole for personal information, one loaded Hawg Box (tackle box) that includes six reusable Hawg Leads with beads and 9/0-size hooks, six two ounce egg sinkers, and five 225-pound rated barrel swivels. A custom-made multiple-pole storage bag is also included.

MudbuM features an All-American made catfishing system that can catch smaller fish for the frying pan all the way up to record-breaking, trophy catfish. To ensure good, quality fisheries for future fisherman, MudbuM promotes CPR (catch, photo, release), only taking a few smaller fish for consumption and releasing the bigger fish (10-plus pounds) to maintain a proper breeding stock.

“We grew up manufacturing our own poles out of anything we could find from willow trees to PVC piping to run lines and catch catfish on the river – eventually it got to the point where we wanted more time to be on the river, camp and hang out with our friends instead of the hassles of all the tangles and knots,” said Blaine Garrett, co-founder and president of MudbuM. “With the introduction of the Hawg Lawg, it makes fishing much more enjoyable by taking away all the hassles and simultaneously allowing you more freedom out on the river as well as catching monster catfish. Fisherman can go camp and leave their poles out overnight knowing they have a 100 percent American made Rig proven to put that next Magnum in your boat.”

With the ability to set up and tear down in a matter of a few minutes, the Hawg Lawg has a simple set up. After picking the bank location, the mallet is utilized to pound the pole into the bank – and the tighter the pole is in the bank, the bigger the catfish the Hawg Lawg will hold. Only a few more steps are needed before dropping the baited line into the river.

MudbuM features packages for the Hawg Lawg, which includes a mallet, Hawg Box, Hawg Tags and storage bag for the poles. The packages include the Hawg Farm, which includes 10 poles, two loaded Hawg Boxes and either a 24 or 40 ounce Hawg hammer. Another option is the Hawg Lot, which includes five poles, one loaded Hawg Box and a 24 or 40 ounce Hawg Hammer.

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About MudbuM LLC
Established in 2014, MudbuM™ LLC consists of five friends, “The MudbuM Boys,” who have a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors and catching catfish out on the river. Inventors at heart, the group began the process of starting their own company back in 2009 after discussing around a campfire all the hassles of tying knots and tangled lines, traditionally associated with ditty pole fishing. For the past five years the group has spent countless hours inventing and perfecting an old-school method with the ditty pole into a new-school approach – the Hawg Lawg. The Hawg Lawg is the strongest, most convenient, fully integrated, reusable, tangle-free bankfishing system in the world. All Hawg Lawg products are 100 percent made in the USA. To learn more about Mudbum LLC products or for more information on what ditty pole fishing is, please visit

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