Melvin R. Riley’s New Book Offers Intriguing View on Creation of Earth

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The author bridges the gap between creationism and evolution science in this revolutionary new book released by Dog Ear Publishing, writing about his inquisitiveness about God and the creation of the universe.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “God=Creation=Evolution=Intelligent Design and I Can Prove It” by Melvin R. Riley with Deloris Riley Haywood and Walter V. Collier.

His studies led him to conclude that a supreme being – God – could exist as pure intelligence thought energy, eventually coming to believe that God was responsible for the Big Bang.

Those who believe in creationism and those who believe in the science of evolution often can’t see eye to eye on how the Earth and all of its inhabitants came into being. One man of faith dares to try to bring these two sides together, sharing his ideas in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. His aim is to show both sides the validity of their positions, pairing the story of creation as told by God in Genesis in the Bible and scientists’ theories of the Big Bang and evolution.

Long fascinated by the creation of life, Melvin Riley began studying the relationship of the mind and the brain, and the relationship of actions to logic and emotion. His studies led him to conclude that a supreme being – God – could exist as pure intelligence thought energy, eventually coming to believe that God was responsible for the Big Bang and everything that occurred in the universe since then.

“God=Creation=Evolution=Intelligent Design and I Can Prove It,” compares the Genesis account of creation day by day, the corresponding scientific theories and Riley’s interpretation of each, focusing on each of the “six days” of creation in each chapter. Riley employs in-depth analysis in comparing Biblical accounts with fossil, archaeological, geological, anthropological, paleontological and other scientific evidence. He firmly believes that both versions of creation are true, with God existing before the Big Bang and God being the source and cause of the event, manifesting himself as pure concentrated intelligence thought energy, controlling every facet of everything in the universe by manipulating and controlling every element of matter and energy forces in the universe.

As Walter V. Collier, policy analysis consultant to the National Science Foundation, writes in the book’s forward, “This book represents a journey through time, from the birth of our known universe until the present, and Dr. Riley attempted to connect the dots along the way. Hopefully the reader will benefit from the trip.”

Author Melvin L. Riley, born in New Orleans, earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles, worked as an engineer for IBM for many years, and later became a lawyer, having earned a law degree from Southern University Law School in Baton Rouge, La. He also served his country in the Army, earning the rank of first lieutenant. Later in life he became fascinated by how the Earth came to be, but he was unsatisfied with both the Bible and scientific literature, and began working on this book. Riley’s sister, Deloris Riley Haywood, and colleague, Walter V. Collier, helped him complete the work. He died in 2011 after a terminal illness. His singular hope was that his book would contribute to closing the gap between creationism and science in furthering our understanding of the origin of life.
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God=Creation=Evolution=Intelligent Design and I Can Prove it
Melvin L. Riley with Deloris Riley Haywood and Walter V. Collier
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2964-1        
232 pages        
$19.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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