As a Result of New Standards Coming Into Play for Exhibitors in the Trade Show Industry, Trade Show Emporium Explores Promotional Items that Appeal to Today's Millennial

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Widely favorable promotional products can be exceptionally beneficial for a company leaving passer-byes filled with excitement and interest. In the same token, lousy giveaway items can have consumers searching for the nearest garbage can to toss out the products in which a business invested both time and money into.

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Now, and more than ever, it is vital that professionals aim to connect with the concerns, and standards of the up and coming targeted audience, all while staying in line with the time-tested approaches respecting promotional products and trade shows. It is important for trade show professionals to understand that one of the most targeted audiences are millenials, who are interacting in a whole new way. While pens, paper weights, and flash-drives are essentially useful – it just doesn’t cut it anymore. Amping up the swag to handout to consumers and steering away from those traditional items will set a brand apart from its competitors and add recognition for a company.

By implementing new ideals and incorporating the current fresh perspectives into a business, it can evolve with the market. The sole purpose of promotional products is to brand a company, and leave an added impression on ones clientele. Promotional items, otherwise most commonly known as “swag” in today’s trade show industry, is likely the most universal marketing tactic used at trade shows. Swag is also known to significantly increase both attendance, and traffic at booths. When one thinks about promotional giveaways, the most familiar items that come to mind may include emblem hardware of any sorts such as keychains, pens, magnets, buttons, and USB flash-drives. It is appropriate to categorize products such as these as dated goods. These are the kinds of products that present-day exhibitors are encouraged to refrain from investing in. Despite the fact that all of those products listed are practical for diverse crowds, massive amounts of money, and material are wasted due to the obvious fact that this is no longer what appeals to millennials. It is important companies have a strategy behind their promotional products, rather than doing it “just because” like many lemmings of convention society.

Some exhibitors/companies choose to completely opt out of providing “swag” at their booth due to the decline rate of success regarding promo products over the course of the last few years. Nonetheless, this is not as effective an approach, for the reason that it hinders the opportunity for a business to leave an impression on their booth traffic. So, what is the solution to the evolution of the trade show industry and giveaways? It’s simple; there are 3 key factors to consider when deciding what kind of products a company should invest in. First, consider the audience, and what kind of products will connect the audience to the company. Second, examine cost per impression (CPI), it is imperative to stray away from products that are a one-time use, this will save both money and material. Lastly, as mentioned before it is crucial to stay up to date with the new millennial. Trade show professionals should avoid the dated products as referred to earlier and most importantly put an emphasis on having a plan of action behind promotional products.

Most importantly, have fun with promotional items. Everyone likes a good treasure hunt and companies have been using promotional items to send exhibit goers on a chase through clues that lead to a booth where a higher end giveaway will be raffled off. However, be careful, ge
nerating leads through promises of iPads and Kindles may lead a sales team to weak prospects.

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