Tips For Financially Planning Your Divorce

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The courts system is designed to dispose an equitable divorce for both parties.

Online divorce service (MDP) works with a cost-conscious clientele. In so doing, they know how important it is to offer sound financial planning advice for the divorce itself. This knowledge has spurred a new tip sheet for how to do just that. Here’s what they recommend.

Know The Battles That Are Worth Fighting.

When couples consider the option of filing divorce papers through a forms completion site, they need to know what battles are worth fighting ahead of time to minimize conflict. Explains a representative: “The courts system is designed to dispose an equitable divorce for both parties. Notice, that doesn’t mean equal. It could be that one of you walks away with a few more assets or a few more debts depending on how you’re financially positioned in the aftermath of the divorce. If you sincerely want the DIY option, then you’ve got to be aware of this and start prioritizing and compromising on debts and assets.”

Commit To Treating Your Spouse With Respect.

No matter how either of you view the respect factor concerning the end of the marriage, you have to respect one another’s future happiness if you want to keep costs low, MDP advises.

“Attorneys can make a divorce really expensive, and if you really want to keep them out of it as much as possible, then you have to frame how you treat one another through that lens,” said the MDP representative. “There have been court cases between spouses that dragged on for two decades because neither ex-spouse could respect the other to let things go and move on with life. Don’t become the cautionary tale.”

Be Aware Of All Fees And Expenses Associated With Divorce.

MDP notes that the cost of a forms completion service can run anywhere from $150 to $300, but couples also need to be aware of filing fees, which are usually available through any county or circuit court.

“Most couples prefer the forms completion route if they’re eligible because it’s a fraction of the attorney cost,” the rep explains. “You can usually complete the forms and file them for less than what an attorney alone would cost. Still, don’t be caught off guard. Know that the divorce process requires the cost of forms completion and the cost of filing whether you go with an attorney or not. Talk about it, and be prepared to divide the costs in a manner that is equitable to your situation.” provides affordable divorce forms solutions for those looking to file for divorce. Paperwork can be completed and compiled in 45 minutes for immediate use.

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