Councilman Sheffie Kadane Announces: Come Get Educated about Fluoridation from Expert Dr. Connett PhD. and Former Pro-Fluoride Dentist Dr. Osmunson Mon Oct 20 7-9:30 PM

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Learn why Hydro Fluorosilicic Acid should not be added to the Dallas water. Activists for Truth has sponsored this event at Winfrey Point 950 E Lawther, Dallas White Rock Lake 75218

"This is an opportunity to hear from a thirty year practicing dentist that now opposes Fluoridation after 25 years of supporting it. I will be at this event and I will explain why I want to stop adding this by-product of the fertilizer industry and save a million dollars! I invite everyone to come especially all my fellow council-members and those that are pro-fluoride to hear Dr. Paul Connett PhD retired Chemistry Professor and Dr. William Osmunson DDS explain the concerns they have about fluoridation," says Councilman Sheffie Kadane.

Regina Imburgia, founder of Activists for Truth, the group sponsoring this event explains, "Councilwoman and Vice Chair Sandy Greyson stated during the Quality of Life and Environment briefing meeting on April 27, 2014 ,"I think we need to get all the information we can". Regina continues, "I arranged this event so Sandy Greyson and all the Council members would have the opportunity to hear and question these experts that are opposed to fluoridation and get more clarity on this issue before the council votes to continue this program. During the briefing on April 27, Mrs. Greyson was unaware Park Cities does not fluoridate their water and never has fluoridated. Jody Puckett admits she does not know why Park Cities does not Fluoridate. I wonder if Ken Del Regno and the others that rely on the CDC statement understand it was only the Oral Health Division of the Centers Disease Control (CDC) that hailed fluoridation as one of the “top ten public health achievements of the 20th century.” However, comprehensive data from the World Health Organization reveals that there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between the minority of western nations that fluoridate water, and the majority that do not. In fact, the tooth decay rates in many non-fluoridated countries are now lower than the tooth decay rates in fluoridated ones". Regina goes on to say, " The Quality of Life and Environment Committee should have a briefing meeting and invite these doctors to testify about their concerns and the alternatives that are available, effective and safe. Dr. Connett challenged the pro-fluoride members of the Dallas City Council and The Dallas Morning News to arrange an open debate with a pro-fluoride advocate of their choice, he will be here on Monday, the challenge still stands!"

Regina points out, "Jody Puckett, the director of Dallas Water Utilities, and Ken Del Regno assistant director over water production explained during the Quality of Life and Environment Committee Meeting April 27, Hydro Fluorosilicic Acid, is added to the raw Dallas water to raise the fluoride level to .7ppm. The three year contract with Pencco is set to expire in January 2015. This year instead of just looking for the best place to purchase this chemical the Council should fully re-examine the Fluoridation program. A vote of eight members could halt this purchase and Fluoridation in Dallas." Says, Regina.

"Fluoridation is unusual, unnatural, unethical, unnecessary, unsafe, ineffective and there are better ways to fight tooth decay in low-income families, which has been demonstrated in places like Scotland. The vast majority of countries do not fluoridate their water, including 97 percent of Western Europe.” said Dr. Paul Connett Regina adds; "The Minister of Health banned Fluoridation in the country of Israel a country of 7million people, on August 26, 2014, and Dublin one of the biggest cities in Ireland banned Fluoridation in October 2014."

Regina wants to make clear, "people in charge of our water need to stop repeating endorsements, this is the 21st Century and there is evidence to show the risks out-weigh the benefits. Dallas has enough in the raw water. Ken Del Regno states during his presentation on April 27, the Texas Department of State Health adopted the .7ppm as recommended with an acceptable operating range of .6ppm to 1.2ppm range. Dallas raw water surpasses this .6ppm many days. I have documents from the Dallas Water Department and Ken Del Rengo can confirm this. Dallas can end the controversy and potential liability by not adding more of this chemical to raise the raw water level of fluoride. Newly exposed documents show information about the disproportionate harm to the black community The Precautionary Rule simply states when in doubt leave it out." Regina adds, "Show your support even if you are not in Texas Click the link below and sign our petition today."

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