New Study Finds Overweight People at Greater Risk for Stress Related Disease

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Rebounding with bellicon Proves Scientifically Superior Activity for Lowering Risk


[the bellicon] also improves balance, tones muscles and promotes lymphatic circulation, which increases the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

In a recently published paper in "Brain, Behavior and Immunity," researchers report that overweight and obese individuals have higher levels of stress-induced inflammation than those within a healthy weight range, increasing their risk for diseases including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Given that two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight, this study adds new urgency to the fight against the obesity epidemic.

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to the problem is that Americans aren't getting enough exercise. Last year, the Center for Disease Control reported that only 20 percent of adults were meeting their overall physical activity recommendations. Regular exercise is not only necessary for health and weight management, but it has been shown to decrease both inflammation and stress levels.

Unfortunately, not every stressed-out, overweight person feels ready to embark on a physical fitness regimen. “Overweight people are notoriously gym shy,” says Philipp von Kunhardt of bellicon-usa, a producer of premium-quality mini-trampolines, “so offering them effective exercise at home is an ideal path to healthy behavioral change. This is why we developed a rebounding regimen specifically targeted for people who are overweight.”

According to von Kunhardt, mini-trampoline exercise, called “rebounding,” is an ideal way to address the list of health issues faced by heavier people. “It’s the easiest, most enjoyable way for people who are overweight to get their daily cardiovascular exercise, not only to burn calories but to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Bouncing also improves balance, tones muscles and promotes lymphatic circulation, which increases the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.”

“Scientifically speaking, rebounders, like the bellicon, utilize gravity to produce these body benefits,” says von Kunhardt. “Jumping creates waves of gravitational forces that condition the entire body as it resists them. As a total-body exercise it’s similar to swimming, except that the resistance comes from gravity rather than water.”

There are many types of rebounders on the market, but they do not all offer the same health and fitness benefits for people who are overweight. “The bellicon’s suspension was designed to be extremely elastic, creating the deepest bounce cycle available and perfect for someone just getting back to exercising.” There’s also a practical benefit to their design: silent performance. Instead of noisy springs, bellicon’s unique bungee cord design makes rebounding at home quiet and disturbance-free for housemates and neighbors.

About bellicon USA:
Distinguished by their superior quality bungees and patented bungee hooks, bellicon mini trampolines are the highest quality bungee-based rebounders on the market and vastly superior to rebounders with springs. Headquartered in Chicago, bellicon USA LLC is a franchise of the Swiss company bellicon AG and has been the national and world-wide distributor of the bellicon since 2010, under the leadership of three siblings: CEO Philipp von Kunhardt, COO Felix von Kunhardt and Director of Marketing Saskia von Kunhardt. As co-inventor of the bellicon mini-trampoline, Philipp von Kunhardt co-founded bellicon AG in Switzerland in 2003. The bellicon combines the knowhow and best qualities of two leading manufacturers with over 20 years of experience. For more information, please visit

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