ILOOK Announces The Channel App Challenge

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ILOOK announces commencement of the Channel App Challenge, offering a potentially large jackpot to channel app owners with the most downloads and to the people who invited them.

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Every YouTube channel owner who creates and correctly prices their Channel App will automatically be eligible to win a share of the jackpot.

ILOOK is offering YouTube channel owners and their inviters worldwide the opportunity to earn a potentially large amount of money. The challenge: be one of the first 10 channel app owners to receive 100,000 downloads.

ILOOK, a cloud-powered, OTT TV platform modeled after traditional cable, instantly turns YouTube channels into branded mobile “channel apps.” It’s a quick and painless creation process. The YouTube channel owner simply logs into their account at and links their YouTube channel. A mobile app containing all the videos in the YouTube channel is automatically created and inserted into mobile app stores where it is available for download.

The Channel App Challenge assigns the public with the task of inviting YouTube channel owners to ILOOK. Peter Redford, the CEO of ILOOK, provided some insight to how the challenge works.

“Every YouTube channel owner who is invited by the public to create a channel app will automatically be eligible to win a share of the jackpot," he said. “That’s not all, however, we are also sharing the jackpot with the person who invited them, the person who invited the inviter, and so on...”

Redford then went on to explain the challenge in further detail, outlining the distribution of jackpot money.

“Say Alice joins the Channel App Challenge through the ILOOK website, and we send her an invite link,” he said. “Alice then e-mails her link to Bob, who clicks on it to join the Channel App Challenge as well. We make a new link for Bob, who posts it to Facebook. His friend Carol sees it, clicks on it to sign up, and then tweets her own link. Dave uses the link in Carol's tweet to join, then creates a channel app that is one of the first 10 to achieve 100,000 downloads! Once that happens, assuming the jackpot reaches $5 million, we send Dave $250,000 for being one of the first 10. Carol gets $125,000 for inviting Dave, Bob gets $62,500 for inviting Carol, and Alice gets $31,250 for inviting Bob.”

To be eligible, a channel app needs to be priced at a minimum of one dollar per download. Sixty cents of this goes into the jackpot. For more information, and to enter the Channel App Challenge, go to

About ILOOK: ILOOK Corporation was founded in 2010 by Peter Redford, Ngoc Do and Jacek Minko, and is based in Silicon Valley, California. The company provides the world's first OTT (over-the-top) pay-TV platform for YouTube channels. The platform instantly converts YouTube channels into branded mobile apps that appear on the mobile screen alongside TV network apps like CNN and MTV. YouTube channels effectively become standalone TV networks, monetized by pay-per-view, subscriptions and commercials.

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