Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Sinusitis Makes the Difference

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Hydro Med announces: “Is it Really Sinusitis? Simple Self-Test Plus Remedies that Work” by Murray Grossan, M.D.

When you diagnose Sinusitis early, and treat it correctly, you can prevent the infection from becoming a Chronic Sinusitis.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Sinusitis Makes the Difference.

Hydro Med announces: “Is it Really Sinusitis? Simple Self-Test Plus Remedies that Work” by Murray Grossan, M.D.

This latest article by Dr Grossan is published in the November issue of Bottom Line Personal. “Is It Really Sinusitis? Simple Self-Test Plus Remedies That Work” is written because thirty million people in the United States will get sinusitis this year. In this article Dr Grossan explains how to make the correct early diagnosis and how to treat it.

These days it may be difficult to use the insurance plan to see a specialist about a painful face, plugged nose, and nasal discharge. Therefore this article gives details for self-diagnosis.

“Is it Really Sinusitis” explains that sinusitis is often caused by the nasal cilia failing to move infected material out of the sinuses.

To diagnose a sinus infection, Doctor Grossan recommends: place a particle of Saccharine in the nose. If the nasal cilia are normal, then healthy nasal cilia will propel that particle to the back of the nose, then to the throat where the sweet taste of the saccharine is tasted by the tongue in about five minutes.
If it takes 20 minutes or longer to taste the saccharine, this indicates that the nasal cilia moving slowly. Slow moving cilia allow bacteria to remain in place and multiply. When nasal cilia are too slow, sinus infection might be the diagnosis if these symptoms are present:

Symptoms of Sinusitis
o    Fever and Chills
o    Nasal Congestion
o    Yellow or green discharge
o    Pain and pressure above or between the eyes
o    Pain and pressure below the eyes and above the teeth
o    Facial Swelling
o    Plugged nose with pressure
o    Headache
o    Fatigue

For suspected sinusitis, Dr. Grossan recommends these measures to restore the nasal cilia function. When cilia move properly, they act as oars to propel bacteria out of the nose and sinuses.

How to stimulate good cilia movement:

  •     Humming at a low pitch. This vibration stimulates cilia to move bacteria out of the sinuses. Try “ooooommmm”.
  •     Drink green tea with or without caffeine. Add lemon/lime and honey. If symptoms are severe, drink until the urine turns light.
  •     Go to bed and watch funny movies. Humor improves the immune factors.
  •     Irrigate the nose with a pulsing saline solution that is designed to restore good cilia movement. For example the Hydro Pulse® Nasal/Sinus Irrigator pulse rate matches the normal nasal cilia rate of pulsation.
  •     Try lifting the tip of your nose up. If this opens the airway, the Bottom Line article demonstrates taping it in the open airway position at night for better breathing and sinus drainage
  •     The physical act of smiling improves immunity.
  •     Always blow the nose gently.

Whenever sinus pain with yellow/green discharge fails to respond to these measures, seek medical help.

Dr. Grossan, "The goal of this article is to clear an early sinus infection by restoring natural body immune and healing factors, in order to prevent early sinus infection progressing to a severe illness that requires antibiotics.".

Dr Murray Grossan, is the author of “Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems – Permanently” and innovator of novel sinus therapies that avoid antibiotics and surgery.

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