Personal Property Divisions Using Emotional Values and Monetary Values Coming in 2015

Share Article, scheduled to offer estate and divorce division services online in 2015, notes that in today's age of mobility, families are scattered and when an estate is divided heirs often live far from the estate home. This currently leads to expensive flights and vacation days spent after a funeral, but with, estate items are uploaded to the web and and heirs invited to select and divide peacefully and fairly online leveraging an approach using Emotional and Monetary Values.

Estate Jewelry often will have items with high Emotional Value for one or more heirs

The division of personal property is one of the aspects an executor does not look forward to, and with good reason. Right here is the bulk of the bickering, but it doesn't have to be this way" says Julie Hall, known as "The Estate Lady" founder David MacMahan says that family pain surrounding dividing estates fueled his passion to create helpful solutions. He knew that few things in life can be more devastating than the loss of a parent. There is no way to prepare for it, and there is no way to become good at all of the challenges it creates for an executor and the entire family. On top of the actual physical challenges, it brings siblings and other relatives together with very strong emotional charges that can be on edge through the process.

In her book The Boomer Burden, author and estate liquidation expert Julie Hall describes the challenges of an executor and states: "The division of personal property is one of the aspects an executor does not look forward to, and with good reason. Right here is the bulk of the bickering, but it doesn't have to be this way."

DivvyMaster's approach to having all of the items listed online, with approximate values, photos, and any appraisals serves to create a level playing field of information and opportunity to choose for all parties, not just the ones that live locally. In addition they incorporate Emotional Values and Monetary Values in a blind system of awarding the items. MacMahan says they will have familiar variations of division methods like alternating selection, divide and choose, etc., but having it all online helps keep personal dynamics and power struggles out of the equation.

DivvyMaster founder David MacMahan states: "Dividing possessions of a loved one after death has surely been a challenge for families for thousands of years. Not until the internet created this access from anywhere and allowed algorithms to be applied online could our imaginations help solve much of this challenge." DivvyMaster was granted a U.S. software patent earlier this year for their approach to divisions incorporating Emotional Value and Monetary Value online. The combination says MacMahan helps assure fairness and reduces conflict over emotionally charged items. (see video)

MacMahan hopes the online division tool will be used by estate attorneys, estate liquidators, trust officers, family therapists and other professional service providers to better serve their clients. While he says there will be self serve, consumer direct use possible, he reiterates that it is very hard to become good at this the one time in life one usually has to do it. He feels the professionals that deal with this daily are great resources for families, on top of the DivvyMaster services coming.

DivvyMaster began in 2010 near Los Angeles, CA as an idea MacMahan had to try to address some of the issues he saw around an aging population and children rarely living near their parents. MacMahan had been an inventor and entrepreneur since college. He decided to see if there were ways he could find to reduce the pain and overwhelming nature of divisions related to a painful loss of a loved one. He had seen the emotional pain of dividing things after a loved one's death, and experienced similar challenges in divorce. MacMahan says that DivvyMaster services are being created to help divide things, not families. ListStuffFast is a more simple approach, also by DivvyMaster, that is available now in the App Store.

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