A Usability Test of iAbrasive from Peek (Ⅱ)

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iAbrasive recently has had its webpage tested using Peek to get fast feedback from real person using our website. Here is one user's impressions on iAbrasive.com.

Abrasives and Abrasive Products Marketplace

Abrasives and Abrasive Products Marketplace

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iAbrasive recently has had its webpage tested using Peek to get fast feedback from real person using the website. Here is one user's impressions of iAbrasive.com. (The video is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJHmqpGU9ws&feature=youtu.be)

Q: What is your impression of this webpage or what is this page for?

A: Okay, I'm looking at iAbrasive and this abrasives and diamond tools market. So it's basically, I'm assuming a website that has different sizes of tools that you have for diamonds. Ah, and I guess it's like a club that you can join for free. So that's what this page is for. It seems very informative. It's a website that if I want to buy abrasives, I would possibly use. I would use the research for this website. That is actually pretty good.

Q: What's the first thing you would like to do on this page? Please go ahead and try to do that now. Please describe your experience.

A: When I visit iAbrasive.com, the flow banner that goes back and forth caught may eye and the main thing I want to click on is Gold Membership. So I wait for that to come back up. I would wait for that website to come around. Then I click on it.

What the Gold Member is? What they can do for me if I become a Gold Member? Meaning I get more exposure, more inquiries, and more deals. It is a self-marketing online store. So I suppose that this is a website that helps suppliers connect with customers to sell their products. So if you enroll with them, they will help you gain better business. So, now that I get a insight only by clicking that. I really don't have any knowledge of iAbrasive.com. If I would buy tools, I want to research what they can actually provide for me. And here it says exclusive access would be given that you don't need to wait for opportunity, a limited business opportunity. So it's very informative. It allows you to get quotes and get yourself customized. iAbrasive.com is a website that doesn't seem too hard to deal with. It's to the point. We can gain information more on the topic. It helps me. It informs me.

Q: What stood out to you about this website? What, if anything, frustrated you about this site, Please summarize your expression.

Just like what I said before, if I wasn't aware of what the website is about, I would put this company as it's about tools. Click on one button, and they have all the information that I need. I would just recommend to someone because it's very, very easy to get the information.

Peek is a professional platform subordinate to Usability Testing for Usability Testing, which is a technology that reflects real experience of users by evaluating product. So it is regarded as an indispensable testing procedure. That is to say, Usability Testing refers to a series of methods to improve product (service) usability by means of having users use the product (service) samples or finished products, observing, recording and analyzing users' behavior and experience.
(From: Wikipedia)

Please note: The "Gold Member" referred to in the above test is a value-added service provided by iAbrasive.com. Gold Member is mainly designed for abrasives suppliers who need more exposure and more business opportunities. The service covers optimized online stores, access to buyers DB, and soft article marketing. Abrasives buyers who search for suppliers on iAbrasive.com is more likely to pay first visits to Gold Members' products since iAbrasive guarantee their good product quality and company credibility. More privileges of the Gold Member are available at: http://www.iabrasive.com/gold_member.

Author: Liwei Chu
Copyright: iAbrasive.com--Abrasives & Diamond Tools Market

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