Enjoy the Best Wine with the Sonic Decanter® from Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc.

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First-of-its-kind device imparts the benefits of aging almost immediately.

With the launch of this innovative product, we have now simplified the tedious process of waiting for red wines to develop using traditional bottle aging or decanting

Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc. today announced the launch of its Sonic Decanter®, a small electronics device that uses safe, proven, and effective ultrasonic energy to improve the taste, aroma, mouth feel, and finish of any wine in minutes. The Sonic Decanter changes the way wine is enjoyed, regardless of the price or the age of the wine. Wine drinkers can improve their red or white wine one bottle at a time with the Sonic Decanter’s groundbreaking, patented technology.

“The Sonic Decanter makes every wine taste better, adding flavor, aroma, and finish never before achievable in such a short timespan,” said Michael Coyne, President and CEO of Dionysus Technology Concepts, Inc. “With the launch of this innovative product, we have now simplified the tedious process of waiting for red wines to develop using traditional bottle aging or decanting. At the same time we have created an entirely new flavor enhancement tool for white wines, which typically are not aged as long as reds.”

The Sonic Decanter works through the application of a patented process—which uses safe, ultrasonic sound wave energy—to change the molecular and chemical composition of wine. During the process many of the dissolved gases in the wine are released to create new chemical bonds. These documented changes in the wine are similar to what centuries-old bottle aging processes achieve. What’s more, tests have proven that the amount of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)—a preservative compound added to wine—is reduced.

John Allen, a 30-year industry veteran, wine educator, and wine merchant says, “I saw the Sonic Decanter change wine in ways that I had not expected. It makes wines that may have a bit too much ‘grip’ or tannins much softer, more flavorful…makes the wine more gentle...more drinkable.”

Whether used by casual vino fans or experienced sommeliers, The Sonic Decanter empowers all wine drinkers to make any wine more enjoyable right in their own home. The sleek, attractive, and easy-to-use design takes up minimal space and is a compliment to any household or restaurant. Just add cold tap water, place the bottle inside the device, and select the “Red” or “White” start button. In as little as fifteen minutes, the Sonic Decanter works its magic, bringing about changes that wine drinkers enjoy. Once a bottle of wine has been processed, the effects are permanent, enabling wine enthusiasts to process bottles of wine for immediate enjoyment or to pre-process them for a future occasion.

For a video demonstration, please visit http://www.SonicDecanter.com/Use. The Sonic Decanter will be available for purchase in the United States, retailing for $199. Early Bird ½ off pricing is available on the product’s Kickstarter at http://bit.ly/SonicDecanter.

About Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc.
Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc. (DTC Inc.) is a privately held company located in Spokane, WA. Focused on making every wine taste better, DTC Inc. designs and markets the Sonic Decanter for casual wine drinkers and connoisseurs alike. The Sonic Decanter uses proprietary, patented technology to improve wine in just minutes – using safe sound energy that has been utilized for decades in leading food and beverage laboratories. The Sonic Decanter brings this well-understood technology under DTC Inc.’s patent for the benefit of everyone who enjoys wine. For more information, please visit http://www.Dionysustechnology.com

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