PositiveSingles.com Members Discuss Why Students Fear Pregnancy More Than HIV

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A recent news report stated that sexually active University students today fear getting pregnant more than they fear contracting HIV/AIDS. Members of PositiveSingles.com discussed possible reasons for this.

STD dating site PositiveSingles.com

STD dating site PositiveSingles.com

According to a recent StandardMedia news article published on Oct. 4, 2014, University students fear pregnancy but not HIV. In spite of the fact that there is no cure for HIV infection, and the disease has killed 39 million people (according to statistics from the World Health Organization published in July 2014), HIV/AIDS was a lesser issue in students' minds.

Members of PositiveSingles.com discussed their theories on why this deadly, incurable disease is not as feared as pregnancy. PositiveSingles.com is an online dating site specifically for people with herpes, HIV and other STDs, and this HIV dating site has an active discussion forum.

Some member theories were based on HIV's lower frequency. One member said "HIV is harder to catch, is not normally fatal to first world people of middle class means, and can be kept quiet from those who do not need to know." Another said "Today, the transmission rate of HIV is pretty low... Then if you break that down to protected heterosexual intercourse the number drops even lower."

Other members on PositiveSingles brought up reasons why pregnancy is a significant fear. One member said "I think there's a greater chance of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/AIDS. It makes sense to 'fear' one more than the other." Another commented on the impact this can have on a woman's life. "It means interrupting education, changing career goals and dreams. There is nothing sadder than seeing a 17 year old carrying a baby, pulling a toddler and expecting another... This is the problem. It happens every day, every minute, every hour."

A third theory is that it relates to the educational system. "Students are concerned about the issues that they're told to be concerned about... The faculty of these institutions of 'higher learning' are more interested in using their students to push political agendas than they are in educating them. HIV is not the 'cause du jour' anymore."

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