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Learn to Start Living Healthy with a Body and BMI Calculator

To find out your BMI score or to learn more about ways to improve your weight, and many other health related topics, please visit or call 1-866-235-1946.

Despite the idealistic images of well toned super models thrust at you from every angle of the media, in today’s society, being a little overweight seems to have become normal. Regardless of what may feel like an average weight, your ratio of height to weight indicates the risk you face for serious illnesses. Everyone is different, but with a body and BMI calculator, you gain the insight you need to manage the risks brought on by weight gain.

A Body and BMI calculator is a tool that performs a calculation based on your height and weight. The result estimates your current body fat. By using a ratio of height to weight and factoring in your age and gender, your BMI suggests the normal range of weight for your specific body type. This information helps to determine the types of lifestyle changes you need to consider to bring your weight under control.

The score you receive from a Body and BMI calculator indicates the weight category you are in. For most people, a BMI between 18.1 and 25.0 is considered to be healthy. Anything lower is classified as underweight. If your BMI is higher, you are overweight. Those with a BMI higher than 30, are considered to be obese. The degree to which your BMI exceeds 30 indicates the severity of obesity.

Obesity leads to health risks. That is a pure and simple fact. Excessive weight is known to increase the likelihood you will suffer from hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and other gruesome illnesses. One of the most important steps to maintaining your health is getting your weight under control. Knowing where you stand will enable you to set reasonable goals for the weight loss you need to achieve.

Proper food choices and regular exercise are critical for losing weight. Regardless of the claims made by fad diets and workout gimmicks, there are no short cuts to healthy living. It takes a change in attitude and a commitment to develop better habits.

The energy your body uses is measured in calories. The food you eat provides those calories, and the exercises you perform burns them up. The most successful basic formula for losing weight is to expend more calories than you consume. Your body will take the extra energy it needs from stored fat.

In addition to lowering your caloric intake, your diet should be well balanced. Empty calories from things that have no nutritional value lead to weight gain. Alcohol is a major contributor. There are no vitamins or minerals in alcohol, but the unspent calories still contribute to weight gain.

It’s always best to use common sense and talk to a professional about any course of action related to your long term health. To find out your BMI score or to learn more about ways to improve your weight, and many other health related topics, please visit or call us at 1-866-235-1946.

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