My Pet’s Brace Provides its 1000th Patient with a Canine Leg Brace, Prosthetic Limb or Wheelchair.

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Dogs ranging from giant Mastiffs weighing more than 250 pounds to tiny Chihuahuas weighing six pounds have all benefited from custom-made canine leg braces provided by My Pet’s Brace.

More and more pet families are searching for viable alternatives to surgery for their dogs’ ACL knee injuries

Golden Retrievers in Knee Braces, Cats in Wheelchairs and Labradors with Three Legs are Typical Patients for My Pet’s Brace.

For more than three and a half years, My Pet’s Brace has provided custom leg braces and prosthetics to dogs and other animals in collaboration with veterinarians and veterinary rehabilitation professionals in 42 states of the United States and countries around the world. These high-quality custom orthotic braces are used when surgery is not an option and have become a key component of rehabilitation and conservative management of orthopedic injuries in dogs. In addition to orthotics and prosthetics, My Pet’s Brace provides mobility carts (aka animal wheelchairs) for dogs, cats and other animals in collaboration with Eddies’ Wheels for Pets, located in Shelburne Falls, MA.

My Pet’s Brace has provided orthotic and prosthetic devices and mobility carts for over 98 breeds of dogs as well as cats, horses, cows, birds and pigs. More than twice as many Labrador Retrievers have been seen than any other breed and the rest of the top five breeds include Golden Retrievers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Boxers. The custom braces have been used to treat injuries in the wrist, elbow and ankle, but 69% of the devices delivered have been knee braces for dogs, mostly to treat injuries of the ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament also known as the CCL or Cranial Cruciate Ligament.

After more than 25 years in human healthcare providing orthotics and prosthetics, My Pet’s Brace founders Jim Alaimo, CPO and Mark Hardin, CPA now provide exclusively veterinary orthotics and prosthetics, primarily custom-made leg braces for dogs.

“We provide pet families and veterinary professionals a new alternative when surgery is not an option due to the advanced age of the pet, concern about the surgery recovery period or funding issues,” says Alaimo, co-founder of My Pet’s Brace. “This is especially true for ACL knee injuries in dogs, where the brace will provide stability and protect the knee from re-injury for the six to nine months needed for the healing to occur, after which the dog can be weaned off the brace. A canine knee brace combined with a rehabilitation program can be especially important elements of a conservative management program for a dog’s ACL injury.”

“More and more pet families are searching for viable alternatives to surgery for their dogs’ orthopedic injuries as our rapid growth over the past three and half years demonstrates,” says Hardin, co-founder of My Pet’s Brace. “We have increasing numbers of veterinary professionals who routinely refer patients to us but it is frequently the pet families who initially seek us out. To assure top-quality care we require a prescription or referral from the pet’s veterinary professional and this establishes the communication between My Pet’s Brace and the veterinarians.”

“Not all pets are candidates for surgery,” says Kirsty Oliver, VN, DipAVN, CVT, CCRP, CVPP. “This may be due to underlying medical conditions or concerns. Cruciate or canine knee braces play a pivotal role in being able to maintain stifle stability, while maintaining adequate weight bearing in the limb to limit thigh muscle atrophy.”

“These braces are also extremely useful after surgery,” Oliver adds. “They allow for weight bearing and support as tissues heal and take the load off the other knee. They can also be used during the rehabilitation process.”

My Pet’s Brace custom-made leg braces for dogs are frequently used when surgery is not an option, notably for ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries which are the most common orthopedic injuries in dogs. Pet families usually choose a leg brace instead of surgery because of their pet’s advanced age, apprehension about the length of the surgery recovery period, concern about the funding, or they simply want to try conservative management of the injury. Veterinary professionals refer clients to My Pet’s Brace for the same reasons, but they also prescribe leg braces for pre- or post-surgical protection and as support for rehabilitation modalities, among other things.

About My Pet’s Brace:
In collaboration with pet families, veterinarians, specialists and animal rehabilitation professionals, My Pet’s Brace founders Jim Alaimo and Mark Hardin and their team help dogs, cats and other animals live happier, healthier lives through compassionate application of their expertise in the design and fabrication of top-quality custom leg braces for dogs, other veterinary orthotics, prosthetics and animal mobility carts. Visit for more information.

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