Audiology Associates Celebrates 30 Years of Bringing Expert Hearing Care to the North Bay

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Since 1984, Audiology Associates has been committed to improving the hearing and communication of residents of the North Bay and the surrounding area.

Dr. Peter Marincovich and Audiology Associates

My own experience with hearing loss has allowed me to further connect with my patients and tune into their needs, lifestyles and feelings.

This year, lead audiologist Dr. Peter Marincovich and Audiology Associates celebrate their 30-year anniversary of providing state-of-the-art hearing health care services. In keeping with his patient-first care philosophy, Dr. Marincovich and his team of hearing care professionals pride themselves on their full-spectrum of clinical services, educational community outreach, diagnostics, hearing rehabilitation and balance care programs, as well as hearing loss prevention and research. Dr. Marincovich attributes his practice’s success to this comprehensive approach to hearing care.

Looking back over three decades of building a thriving audiology practice, Dr. Marincovich reminisces over the deep satisfaction that comes with helping his patients overcome their hearing problems. He explains, “I have always felt that in order to truly understand hearing loss and how to help someone communicate as effectively as possible, it is necessary to understand diagnostic audiology, and how the ear and the brain interpret soft, comfortable, and loud sounds. In the same respect, I have always felt that to be an exceptional diagnostician and to fully understand how pervasive the effects of hearing loss can be, you have to be able to empathize with your patients.”

He continues, “Shortly after opening my practice, I acquired a hearing loss in my left ear, and only then did I truly realize the impact of living with hearing impairment. Communicating can feel like a chore without the use of a hearing aid, and it can be embarrassing to have to ask people to repeat themselves. Fortunately, my familiarity with the latest available treatments and access to modern hearing aid technology made my adjustment to hearing impairment relatively pain free, and treatments have only improved since then. My own experience with hearing loss has allowed me to further connect with my patients and tune into their needs, lifestyles and feelings. I take great pride in helping my patients achieve the fullest possible experience of sound.

“My practice thrives on education, research, customer service, and teamwork. Most recently, I have rededicated myself to learning and understanding leadership and practicing it every day as a way of adding value to others. In addition, I have learned that in order to grow my practice, be innovative, and create opportunity for others, I cannot do it myself. The single biggest strategic advantage we have is our team, because great hearing care requires people working together. I am a firm believer that no contribution is too small, and we all must work hard to create a remarkable experience for our patients, referral sources, and ourselves.”

Education can be the best form of both hearing loss treatment and prevention, and Audiology Associates has always looked for ways to increase public awareness and to reach out to those in the community that may need support to overcome their hearing problems. Audiology Associates has evolved into an audiology resource center for the community where patients can come for support, to learn, to have fun, and to communicate. Since the beginning, Dr. Marincovich and Audiology Associates have provided unique individualized lip reading and listening skills classes through local colleges, and they now conveniently provide this educational support at their offices. In addition, Audiology Associates has developed the “Educated Patient” program, which aims to educate patients, referral sources, and the community on hearing health. Mentoring staff and audiologists has always been a part of this educational focus.

For the last 30 years, Dr. Marincovich has kept his practice current with the absolute latest available hearing aid technology by actively conducting research in the field. Dr. Marincovich has developed one of Audiology Associates’ offices to be a “Designated Research Facility” for the University of Memphis Hearing Aid Research Lab of the South (HARL). At this facility, Dr. Marincovich and his team have assisted in the collection of data for several research projects, and the constant contact with the university allows Audiology Associates to stay on top of cutting edge technology and to deliver it to patients as soon as it is available.

Over the past several years, Audiology Associates has combined the recent advances in technology with their original MA5P METHODtm, which allows for further understanding of each individual patient. The MA5P METHODtm refers to the comprehensive care processes Audiology Associates providers employ when treating patients—Assessment, Active Listening, Adaptation, Assistive Technology, Aftercare, and (hearing loss) Prevention. This video on Audiology Associates website explains the MA5P METHODtm in further detail.

Dr. Marincovich congratulates everyone at Audiology Associates for the hard work that has built a successful practice. “I’m amazed and incredibly proud of how far Audiology Associates has come over the last 30 years,” he says. “Value has always been the hallmark of our practice. We are not merely a hearing aid vendor. In fact, we won’t recommend hearing aids unless tests have shown that they are appropriate and will be effective. A patient’s decision to invest in a hearing aid is a long-term investment to improve the experience of sound. We are here first to help our patients make decisions about their hearing health that best fit their individual lifestyles.

“We are still prospering today because of the investments our patients have made in our services, and we in turn invest in our patients. Technology progresses remarkably fast, and I take great pleasure in bringing it to my patients. Thanks to computers, home assistive listening devices, active listening programs, custom-fit hearing aids, and advanced hearing tests, many individuals suffering from hearing impairment can increase their experience of sound. We all look forward to the next 30 years of helping the North Bay hear and communicate better!”

At three Bay Area locations, Audiology Associates offers comprehensive hearing care—from cutting edge diagnostic testing services, including tinnitus management and balance evaluations, and digital hearing solutions to assistive technology and rehabilitative therapy—as well as an exceptional patient support network. The team of fully credentialed, certified audiologists and trained audiology aides works with patients and their physicians to accurately assess patient needs, then develops a plan of action to ensure the best hearing experience possible. For more information about Dr. Marincovich and Audiology Associates, visit our website or call 707-523-4740 to schedule an appointment with Audiology Associates for expert hearing care.

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