Weaving Influence CEO and Women Leaders Celebrate Women in Small Business Month

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Women in Small Business Month highlights the more than 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the US. Some women-owned businesses are championing innovation in their products, services, and workplace flexibility

It’s estimated that there are more than 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, with over $1.4 trillion in revenues. It’s no secret that women are achieving great success in small business. And they are champions of innovation--not only in the products and services they offer, but in the flexible opportunities they provide to the owners and employees

One such small business owner, Becky Robinson, CEO and founder of Weaving Influence, has enjoyed the opportunity to see continual growth in her company and in her network of fellow women running small businesses. “I am inspired by the women my company supports,” she says. “They each bring the best of who they are to their work to make a difference.”

In celebration of Women’s Small Business Month, Robinson reached out to her extensive network of female business owners to gather insights on their triumphs and struggles. The responses, though coming from women in distinct and diverse fields, held significant points of resonance.

Most women in small business are finding powerful ways to revamp and alter the landscape with fresh perspectives while significantly advancing their careers.

When asked about the motivating factors behind starting a business, many of the women addressed the allure of freedom and flexibility. “I am primarily motivated by the ability to create flexible work opportunities for others,” says Robinson. “I want to help people enjoy work while crafting the life they most desire.”

Partners Betsy Polk and Maggie Ellis Chotas echo Robinson’s desire to create a tailored working environment in how they shape their own coaching and consulting partnership. “We have learned that the business is better and we are a whole lot more successful when we’re doing the work we’re best at and most enjoy,” they write. “That's also meant figuring out how to manage the parts we both aren't as strong in and finding the right people to trust to do these.”

Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D and professional speaker and author who helps introverts lead with quiet confidence, also attests to the draw of the freedom that running a small business provides. Kahnweiler says owning her own business allowed her to “express myself fully and not be constrained by an organizational structure. What keeps me going...is the freedom to stretch my own definition of who I think I am.”

Jennifer V. Miller, founder of SkillSource, agrees. “After working in corporate America for over a decade, I wanted to know what it was like to have a hand in all aspects of the business. What motivates me to keep going is that I love the autonomy that business ownership brings. It’s a huge responsibility yes, but it’s also very liberating to know that I call the shots.”

Not only are these women business owners able to accomplish their own aspirations in their innovative work environments, but they are putting themselves in a unique position to help others’ achieve their dreams. Consultant Cathy Fyoc k writes of her business, “What I love most is the ability to help people realize their dreams--the dream of writing their books. I love being able to help people get their dream into clear focus, then develop a plan for execution.”

Robinson, too, is fully aware of how her business supports the hopes and dreams of others. “Working in a virtual environment allows the members of my team to focus on their most important priorities outside of work, especially family life,” she says. “I want to help people enjoy work while crafting the life they most desire.”

As a whole, women in small business are at the forefront of providing and devising flexible work solutions that provide novel possibilities for success for both themselves and those with whom they work. Whether for independence, calling the shots, helping others achieve their dreams, or the freedom to stretch the definition of who they can become - these are the women we celebrate this month.

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