Zicam® Launches New Cold Remedy Nasal Spray

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Providing Unique Combination of Cold Shortening & Symptom Relief

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In a major expansion of its cold remedy product line, Bridgewater, N.J. based Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. has launched a new cold-shortening Nasal Spray with symptom relief under its popular Zicam® Cold Remedy Brand. The No Drip Nasal Spray complements Zicam’s bestselling oral cold shortening products and will be available nationally in time for the upcoming cold season.

Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Spray is being supported by a robust national advertising campaign that includes television, radio, and digital. The television ads again feature the Cold Monster as Zicam’s bumbling nemesis, demonstrating how Zicam empowers consumers to shorten their colds and move on with their busy lives. Television flights began in October on the nationally syndicated reruns of number one hit “The Big Bang Theory”. In a major shift to its media strategy, Matrixx has shifted the bulk of its media buying from the upfront television market to a blend of programmatic buying, the latest innovation in media targeting.

While most cold treatments simply provide temporary symptom relief, Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Spray actually shortens the length of the cold. In addition to shortening a cold, Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Spray is clinically proven to reduce cold symptoms by up to 45% by the midpoint of a cold when taken as directed. Zicam, the leader in cold shortening is known for form, function and flavor innovation in the category.

“We’re truly excited to be launching Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Spray” commented M’lou Arnett, CEO of Matrixx. “We haven’t had a nasal cold shortening solution for cold-sufferers since 2009 when we removed our zinc based nasal spray from the market, and we have been working hard to develop an exciting and effective product ever since. And we’re thrilled with the result. The plant derived active ingredients in this new nasal spray make it different from zinc based cold shortening remedies. With the added benefit of symptom reduction, consumers now have real choice when looking for clinically proven cold shortening solutions.”

Ms. Arnett added, “We know from past experience and from research that many consumers prefer a product that’s delivered right to the nose – the source of their cold suffering. We’re delighted to answer the call and ‘return to the nose’ with our famous cold shortening benefit in a unique homeopathic formula that is unlike any product we’ve ever sold.”

It’s estimated that Americans suffer 1 billion colds each year. Zicam has been at the forefront of cold season management for decades. As the leading cold shortening brand, Zicam offers a wide range of products to shorten colds or manage symptoms. Zicam’s new Cold Remedy Nasal Spray is the only clinically proven cold shortening nasal spray and one of a handful of products on the market today that provides cold shortening with symptom relief. That makes it a truly progressive solution for consumers.

“With a large percentage of our consumer base active women, our advertising will reflect how a cold isn’t something that has to get in the way of her daily routine” commented Lori Norian, Vice President of Marketing for Zicam. “She’s the one everyone depends upon to get things done, and we’ve added a bit of levity in our Cold Monster ads this year to show how easily she can knock the Cold Monster for a loop with the multiple benefits of the new Nasal Spray and reduce its impact on her happy and busy life,” added Norian.

Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., has been engaged in the development and marketing of better ways to feel better through over-the-counter health care products that utilize innovative drug delivery systems for over 20 years. The Zicam® portfolio includes cold remedy, cough relief, nasal decongestant and allergy relief products.

About Zicam® Cold Remedy Products
While most cold medicines are designed just to mask cold symptoms, ZICAM® Cold Remedy is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT®. ZICAM® Cold Remedy oral products, which contain proprietary formulations of active ingredients zinc gluconate and zinc acetate, reduce the duration of a cold when taken at the first sign of a cold (within the first 24 hours) and used as directed. ZICAM® Cold Remedy nasal spray contains a patented formulation of galphimia glauca, luffa operculata and sabadilla to reduce the duration and severity of a cold when taken at symptom onset and used as directed. ZICAM® Cold Remedy is for a PRE-COLD®, that first sniffle, sneeze or ache that signals that a full-blown cold is coming.

About Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.
Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. has been engaged in the development and marketing of better ways to feel better through over-the-counter health care products that utilize innovative drug delivery systems for over 20 years. Acquired by HIG Capital in February 2011, Matrixx Initiatives manufactures and markets ZICAM® brand homeopathic and allopathic OTC products, including its clinically proven line of ZICAM® Cold Remedy Nasal Spray, ZICAM® Cold Remedy RAPIDMELTS® and Ultra RAPIDMELTS ® and ZICAM® Cold Remedy Oral Mist™, as well as ZICAM® Allergy Relief, ZICAM® Extreme Congestion Relief, ZICAM® Intense Sinus Relief, and ZICAM® Cold Remedy for Kids. For more information regarding Matrixx products, please visit http://www.zicam.com.

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