NutriGold Responds To New Labor Pain Study

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NutriGold urges pregnant women to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D as new research indicates that vitamin D deficiencies could be associated with a higher risk for more painful deliveries.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. People who get too little vitamin D may be at increased risk of developing various health risks. Although a vitamin D deficiency has long been associated with depression and pain, an October 2014 study conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) suggests that a vitamin D deficiency could be associated with more painful labor pains during childbirth.

Researchers measured the vitamin D levels of 93 pregnant women prior to delivery. All of the women requested an epidural for pain during labor. Researchers then measured how much pain medication each woman required during labor. The researchers then compared the quantity of pain medicine used by the women with higher levels of vitamin D compared to those with lower levels of vitamin D.

The study found that the patients with lower levels of vitamin D consumed more pain medication than patients with higher levels of vitamin D.

Although the body can usually make the necessary amount of vitamin D for maintaining optimal health, supplementing with vitamin D can be a necessity when the body's ability to produce the required amount of vitamin D is compromised. "Women often experience lower than normal levels of vitamin D during pregnancy," said Andrew W. Geller, M.D., physician anesthesiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and senior author of the study.

NutriGold knows that the ideal situation would be that pregnant women would increase their vitamin D consumption through natural foods. However, that isnt always the best option because a majority of the foods we consume are no longer as rich in essential nutrients as they used to be because most of them are not locally sourced, may be genetically modified, and are likely grown in soil that has been stripped of its natural goodness. The sad reality is that relying exclusively on food sources to meet the body’s needs can have the unintended consequence of increasing consumers’ risk of developing even more nutrient deficiencies.

This makes the argument in favor of of getting essential nutrients from supplements even stronger. NutriGold believes that if supplementation is necessary, then consumers should supplement using products that contain nutrients in forms that occur in nature (ideally) or, at the very least, approximate what occurs in nature so your body can optimally assimilate and utilize them. NutriGold’s Vitamin D3 Gold is the only source of Vitamin D3 on the market that is bio-identical to what the skin produces when it is exposed to sunlight and, for this reason, is one of the most bioavailable forms of Vitamin D3.

Their guiding principle of “Let food be thy medicine, Let thy medicine be thy food” makes NutriGold the ideal option when it comes to choosing supplements that the body can best utilize.

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