Food Mood Expert Trudy Scott: The Right Food Can End Anxiety in the Same Way it Can Reduce Obesity.

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Food Mood Expert Trudy Scott, interviews 20 internationally-renowned experts and thought-leaders on the Anxiety Summit from November 3-16, 2014, sharing nutritional solutions for eliminating anxiety, and showing how diet and exercise can end anxiety in the same way these lifestyle factors can reduce obesity.

Food and nutrients provide a very powerful approach that can dramatically reduce and very often completely eliminate anxiety

A recent paper in BMC Psychiatry titled "Lessons from obesity prevention for the prevention of mental disorders" proposes that common mental disorders like anxiety and depression “should be considered as a form of non-communicable disease,” like obesity “preventable through the modification of lifestyle behaviors, particularly diet” and exercise ( One of the authors of the above study, Dr. Felice Jacka, a well-known food and mood researcher, co-authored another 2014 paper ( that stated: “the clear message is that in the midst of a looming global epidemic” of mental health disorders, “we ignore nutrition at our peril.”

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US and affect over 40 million adults. The incidence is increasing in both adults and children. Trudy Scott, author of "The Antianxiety Food Solution" states “there is so much we can do to slow this increase. Food and nutrients provide a very powerful approach that can dramatically reduce and very often completely eliminate anxiety.”

Trudy interviews internationally-renowned experts and thought-leaders on the Anxiety Summit, addressing nutritional solutions for eliminating anxiety and providing the research and practical tools. With a lineup that features nutritionists, integrative psychiatrists, a non-GMO advocate, mental health practitioners and holistic health practitioners, topics include: the sugar impact, gluten’s inflammatory effect on the brain, psychoneuroimmunology, fermented foods and the microbiome, exercise, and the mood benefits of eating fish, eggs and grass-fed red meat.

Featured speaker JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, author "The Virgin Diet" and the new "Sugar Impact Diet", shares that stress and anxiety “make you crave more sugar” and research ( shows that sugar “is as addictive as cocaine.” In fact “sugar is our #1 drug of choice and the more of it you eat the more of it you want.”

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, host of The Gluten Summit, also presents on the summit and emphatically states that “no human on the planet can digest gluten.” He shares recent research published in BMC Medicine. The study, looking at Italians with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (, found that 68% of participants felt “a lack of well-being” and 39% experienced anxiety, as well as fatigue, pain and brain fog. “In the large majority of patients, the time lapse between gluten ingestion and the appearance of symptoms varied from a few hours to 1 day.”

Sugar and gluten can both increase inflammation contributing to increased anxiety and depression (, according to summit speaker, Dr. Kelly Brogan M.D., a holistic women's health psychiatrist. Dr. Brogan discusses how “cytokines in the blood, or inflammatory markers, such as CRP, IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-alpha can be predictive and linearly related to depression and anxiety, especially in women” and how dietary changes can lower these markers.

Trudy has a compelling message to share via the Anxiety Summit: “We simply need to teach people how to eat the right food, encouraging a real whole foods diet, avoiding foods that cause inflammation, and educating health practitioners about the research and importance of food when it comes to anxiety and depression. We can end anxiety and depression, and we’ll also see a reduction in obesity and other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease.”

The Anxiety Summit runs from November 3-16, 2014, providing listeners with tools and practical resources they can start integrating into their lives or into the lives of their clients/patients immediately. For more information, and to access the full lineup of speakers, go to Be part of the discussion at

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