PolyVista’s inMemory+™ Provides Highly Scalable, Extremely fast In-Memory Database

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PolyVista launches inMemory+ for real-time data analysis meeting the need for faster decision making requirements.

PolyVista, Inc., a leader in advanced analytics and data driven discovery tools announces the launch of their new database management system inMemory+ (http://www.inmemoryplus.com). inMemory+ is a highly scalable in-memory database engine that works at hyper speed. This is the most recent product to be launched by the Houston based PolyVista, Inc. Their other most recent announcement was for their Data Looksee™ interface (http://www.datalooksee.com). With inMemory+, users are able to get data analysis results in real time using a computer’s main memory for data storage instead of disk.

inMemory+ is created to efficiently harness the ever increasing amounts of data currently being accumulated. Data growth is leading to high volumes of data that is unable to be stored or accessed efficiently using traditional disk-based database management systems. Professionals who rely on data for making decisions have in the past had to wait long periods of time to consume their data or have been left to make decisions based on incomplete data. Both of those scenarios can lead to poor decision making and costly mistakes.

The increased speed and efficiency gained with inMemory+ comes from the use of the computer’s main memory, multicore data processing and the distributed query execution. This makes data access speed significantly faster than disk-based databases. Traditional databases cannot deliver capacity on demand. So, too often, application development is hindered by all the work required to make the database scale. inMemory+ can easily scale out on commodity hardware and allows you to scale a single, logical database to dozens of database hosts. It is designed with a share nothing architecture in which each node is independent and self-sufficient, there is no single point of contention across the system and enables you to instantaneously respond to varying peak load demands.

In addition to increased speed, inMemory+ has added features that make the dissemination of data results easier. Users can do standard schema operations like add tables, drop tables, add columns, drop columns, insert data and retrieve data through familiar SQL syntax. It also provides a user-friendly interface for performing schema operations. inMemory+ supports cashing as well, which boosts query results. Data can be imported and exported in most standard formats e.g. XML, Excel, CSV, Access and SQL Server. Jobs can be scheduled for continuous data synchronization activities.

“As seasoned data-science professionals, we developed inMemory+ to help other big data and business intelligence professionals better illustrate their hard work,” states PolyVista Founder and CEO, Shahbaz Anwar. “Using inMemory+ as a data caching server will make applications scalable by distributing query workloads from back-end database servers to in memory. It increases an application's availability and responsiveness by allowing it to fetch data from cached tables even if the back-end server is unavailable. You can quickly and easily analyze millions of records imported from social media.”

inMemory+ is optimized to run on Microsoft Windows PC and server operating systems. It is easy to install, configure and maintain. It has built-in tools for monitoring the health of the system and an easy-to-use control panel for managing the system. People interested in trying inMemory+ can receive a demo and a free trial download (http://www.inmemoryplus.com/Download.html) from the website. InMemory+ is one of a handful of products launched by PolyVista and is an integral part of the overall PolyVista service offerings. PolyVista is continually expanding its product base to meet the demands of their consumers and to provide services the current market is missing.

About InMemory+
inMemory+ is a database management system designed for applications where response time is critical. It is a database management system that primarily relies on main memory and is faster than disk-optimized databases because the internal optimization algorithms are simpler and execute fewer CPU instructions. It brings lightning speed due to the distributed, parallel query execution and multicore data processing. Visit http://www.inmemoryplus.com for more information.

About PolyVista, Inc.
PolyVista was founded in 1995, and has offices in Kalamazoo, Houston, and San Francisco. The company delivers hosted software and services solutions to solve complex and diverse business issues. PolyVista provides its clients with highly actionable intelligence, mined from multiple sources, that helps identify anomalies, business trends, and uncover new and useful information hidden in their data – both structured (numbers) and unstructured (text). PolyVista works with numerous companies within the financial, retail, technology, CPG, insurance and manufacturing sectors, including some of the world’s leading brands. http://www.polyvista.com


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